My blog is really a mix of personal things, things I learn about that I think that can be useful to others, style / art/ culture/ travel tips so tonight it is going to be a bit personal.

I know a lot of people have lost pets and I always knew it would hurt.  I remember always thinking I will hate the day my dog passes & always try to hope and pray that he would last forever.

I was so happy he was small because they say small dogs live longer sometimes.

It is so sad to lose a pet and I am so sorry for those who have shared in this type of loss.  I remember when I was little my family dog passed.  I was young and I remember having fun with this dog, Gidget, but was way too young to really recognize the loss my parents and brothers experienced at the time.

My dog, Corinthos was as someone called him a very macho man.  He was a small dog all 5.5 lbs at his highest weight.

He was a chihuahua who was so protective of me.  He was so loving to me but did have a bit of a bite at times because he was so protective and I think definitely had a “small complex” so he was always trying to protect himself.

He also was very territorial and protected his home grounds.

I found him after college at this pet store near my house. I am now anti – pet stores especially those that get their pups from puppy mills — I didn’t know the situation back then.  I went out one afternoon and went to the pet store with Brian, and came home with this little baby dog who was so cute and so little. He fit in our hands.

At first my parents were upset that I took on this responsibility and asked how I would pay for him and I said “Corinthos is on a payment plan” – I had to pay him off every month – I think he was about 1,200 dollars at the time.  He was worth a million to me.  My parents fell in love with him after a few hours.  He didn’t have a name at first and then I came up with Corinthos because my mother and I loved General Hostipal and the gangster and main star of the show was SONNY CORINTHOS.  Everyone always laughed about his name – people would always say such a small dog with such a big name.

Corinthos lived with me when I was living at home still after college and he would sleep with me every night. He was so comfortable – he would always cozy up to me.  Then after I moved into the city with my boyfriend at the time, Brian, he came with us and was a city dog.  We loved him. He was mainly a house dog because he was so tiny but we would take him on trips sometimes to Brian’s parents house or my parent’s house or once we took him when we went on a ski trip.  He had to get used to people everyone used to say.  Corinthos was a bit of a lap dog. He loved sitting in my lap and having me pet him. He also loved licking everything in sight.  I always tried to take good care of him.  He really didn’t have too many health issues and really lived a fun life.  When I moved uptown, we had a backyard so we would let Corinthos go outside and get some air. He loved sitting next to me when I would try to garden outside. He always loved to go to Brian’s parents house too because they had a deck and he could catch some air.  Corinthos loved barking – he was a little guy with a big bark.  He had so many people that loved him.  Corinthos moved in with me downtown after Brian and I moved on and he became a downtown dog.  I would take him to my office sometimes and have him sit on my desk.  He would just sit there and watch me work.  Every night he would sleep with me.  It was so nice because I was lonely sometimes living in the city by myself but I always had my little man by my side.    I did for a bit decide that the only guy that I wanted around was this little guy and it was my time to spend time learning about me and spent a lot of time with Corinthos or as the ones that loved him called him Mr. C.  Then one day I looked at him and said when I go to work all day – you are all by yourself.  I am going to get us another friend.  I went on a search for another dog. I knew I should find a girl because he was a boy and the dominant one in the house – the boss.  I looked and looked and my best friend, Laura told me about this organization where you could find wonderful dogs that needed homes.  I looked on the website and found Barrett.  Barrett came home and was this little dog with so much spunk and she tried so hard for Corinthos to like her. At first, I had to seperate them because Corinthos would try to nip her and really barked at her.  Barrett would let Corinthos sniff her and they slowly became buddies. Corinthos set boundaries for Barrett and she sometimes followed them.  They would play and play where Barrett would roll over and try to catch Corinthos and Corinthos would back up and try to run away.  They would give each other kisses.  They really loved each other.

Then I met my boyfriend, Scott who is such a wonderful person and who I know I am very lucky to have found.  From the moment I told him I had two dogs he was so interested in meeting them.  He met them I think on our third date and he fell in love instantly with them.  Corinthos is hard to love at first because he is a barker and puts on his armor but some how Scott broke through.  I knew we were match – Corinthos was so calm with Scott. Corinthos and him were buddies. Barrett was a puppy still and needed a lot of attention and Scott would give it to her but Scott somehow always made sure Corinthos felt like he was getting as much attention.  He would pet him and have him sit with us on the couch and we both gave them a lot of love.  Unfortunately, when Scott and I were away in January this year for Sundance – Corinthos’ health issues started.  His legs were going and he had a hard time one day when he was trying to play with Barrett.  My parents rushed him to this dog hostipal and they also found out he had some kidney issues besides his legs.  My parents took him in because he really needed a lot of therapy everyday during the day.  My mom would give him hot compress and massage his legs and my dad would give him rubs on his head and his tummy and somehow they worked a miracle and he got so much better. From dragging his legs he was able to walk again.  We still worried about the Barrett & Corinthos together because when they played it was a bit tricky with Corinthos and his legs. To be honest, my dad and mom loved Corinthos so much that taking him back I would feel bad.  My dad loved spending time with Corinthos and I thought he was getting so much love to have him live with my parents for a while.  We would see him when he would come to visit with Barrett and they would play and kiss each other or I went to their house and they would enjoy time together.  Back in May, my parents and I went to Montauk with the dogs to the Montauk Yacht Club and we had such a nice time with the dogs for three days they stayed with us and hung out and we really loved our time with them. I am so grateful for that time.  Unfortunately, Corinthos’ kidney went during this week and he got really sick. I didn’t think it was going to be as bad as it was and then I saw him and knew he was suffering the poor little guy.  We had no choice but to end his suffering and had to send him to doggie heaven. It is such a hard choice to make that decision and to see your dog  to heaven.  He just fought so hard and I think really couldn’t fight anymore.  My parents and I brought him to the hostipal and we had to say our goodbyes.  For those of you who know me, know that I have definitely had my share of challenges over the last few years.  This was a hard one too. It was pretty awful.  I know that Corinthos is a better place but it hurts to know I will never hear his little pitter patter anymore. The sound of his little toe nails against the wood floor will be a sound I will always remember.  Corinthos gave me a ton of love.  Corinthos was always by my side.  He saw me through a ton of stuff from college to getting my first job to different apartments to opening companies to stress to everything.  I think he was happy to know that I found Scott and he knew I would be ok.  I have so many loving people around me. I hope that he knows how much I loved him. I also want to thank my parents for being the best grandparents to him ever. They loved and cared for him so much.  For those that know my parents they know they are the most wonderful people a girl can ask for.
The journeys in my life have changed several times, sometimes because the course needed to be changed sometimes because I was put on a new road, yet in all my journeys Corinthos knew so many wonderful people from Brian to his parents to his family to all of my family including my brothers who have shared lots of time with Mr. C and my nephews and my Aunts & Uncles during the holidays and all of my friends – the friends Corinthos vacationed with to so many friends through the years.  I have so many friends that Corinthos touched that have written me over the last 24 hours and it means so very much. To over the last year and a half, Scott has been so wonderful to the little guy. He witnessed a lot of love.

Corinthos will always be missed and always remembered.  I believe in reincarnation.  I hope Corinthos has been reincarnated into an elephant so he went from a small guy to a very big guy and he was born somewhere in Kenya right now and is enjoying a new life with new love.  Wherever he is and whatever he has been reincarnated too I know his heart will always feel our love for him.

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