I love Paper magazine. Mickey Boardman, who I have had the opportunity to meet a bunch of times is so funny and so awesome.  Kim Hastreiter @kimpaper is brillant.  I remember being asked to do a trend chat for a very large brand about Caravan mobile a long time ago – I think my time ran over and she winded up walking into the room while I was babbling and I was so nervous.  I also had the opportunity to have her come and check out Caravan mobile and thought that was so cool!
I had to check out SUPER DUPER MARKET not only because of PAPER but also because I adore ANDREW ANDREW.  I know ANDREW ANDREW for 10+ yrs and I think they are also awesome and filled with ideas and amazing energy.  I wanted to try what they call a NUTRITIONAL COOKIES which is pretty funny where  “nutritional” values are all printed on the cookie. A bit ironic. It is a good case study that shows us how the food we put into our bodies is lacking proper nutrition and how much sugar and toxins we eat.

I also picked up some awesome tea that Chef Marcus Samuelsson  just introduced that is very lovely and of course I was a sucker for trying some red wine/ cola ice cream.  I loved the guys tattoo that was there he had ice cream cones tattoed all over his arm – including a mint chocolate chip one.

A joy of the day was running into my friend Jon Gray – always a great guy to run into – always doing something awesome.

SUPERDUPERMARKET was a brillant way to bring cool food brands together under one roof! I saw a lot of great fun products and saw a lot of very cool people.

Speaking of food – my boyfriend just bought me a VITAMIX – tune in for all the great yummy concoctions we shall design!

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