I moved to the HUDSON YARDS area of NYC to be closer to my studio and to my job. I am lucky to say that I have an awesome apartment that I love with amazing light, a lot of space and the craziest most amazing view of the Empire State Building. I joke that everyday is like being on vacation. I really enjoy my apartment.

Hudson Yards isn’t the most developed area. Yet I feel like it is Williamsburg eight years ago when it was just starting to develop.  It is very industrial where I am but it feels very New York.

At first I missed downtown – Washington Square Park – all the hip restaurants and the Washington Square Dog Park but every day I discover something new in my hood.

I love the private dog park near my house called ASTRO DOG PARK that is a little haven in the middle of New York which Barrett loves.

I really dig CAFE GRIND right across the street from my house. I love the Cupcake Cafe and Je + Jo ice cream for sweets. There are so many true Italian delis, pork stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. The yummiest is Sergimmo  which has the most amazing sandwiches ever and incredible mozarella cheese.  I walk often to the Chelsea area and my favorite restaurant is Cookshop there.

Check out these yummy desserts from COOKSHOP

There is a new Gastromarket and the Hotel Americano is tres chic.  I am in walking distance to the Highline as well.

The most incredible site are the sunsets.  Since I am right near the water I see the most incredible sunsets ever.  It shows how you don’t need to leave the city sometimes to catch such an impressive sunset.

Anyway if you are looking for an apartment check out this area of NY!

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