Me to I am a Hamptons snob- I LOVE MONTAUK and I also love SHELTER ISLAND, LOVE SUNSET BEACH!

But I am getting old ha ha  and don’t really need to party and have a whole scene as fun as it can be and sometimes I just want to eat well, eat a ton of ice cream, swim, relax, enjoy great weather and just have really good quality time with the people I love- and that is what I did this past weekend!

This past weekend my boyfriend had the idea of checking out LAKE GEORGE. We both had some work to get through so we left on Friday morning.  We left super early. Tip : car rentals were so expensive in the city so we went to Westchester and we picked up the car from the Westchester airport. It was 1/3 + of the price if we rented in the city.  We took the train from Grand Central and it was so easy to pick up.  When we arrived… thank you Hertz we got an upgrade to a convertible- we were so excited-


We drove about three hours and randomly we put Howard Stern on – I know he could be a little dirty but if you can get over the potty mouth he is so funny — so we listened to everything from POP to the 60s to Vinyl Rock on Sirius to the 40s  to Howard Stern.  He is really a comic genius.  I have a new found appreciation of him.  We finally arrive at the SAGAMORE which is even more beautiful then the photos.  And guess what THANK YOU AMERICAN EXPRESS – room upgrade !!! We had a lovely room.

So we rush and we go down to the pool and I get so lucky to have a whole little couch to lay on. It was the most comfortable “sunning” session I ever had… It was likely lying on a bed with pillows.  I liked the pool beds at the Mandarian Oriental in Florida but this is even better with a whole beautiful lake view.

We went and jumped in the Lake and it was frigid but refreshing and such a memorable feeling. It is so fun to swim around in a freezing cold lake – you get used to it and no need to worry about the GREAT WHITE SHARKS – yikes ! Cape Cod – did you see that?

 Such a fun day we had a great dinner at the FARMHOUSE – which serves all locally grown foods – it is delicious and then we were told about this incredible ice cream haven called MARTHAs – if you are going to Lake George – no trip would be complete without a trip here. I AM AN ICE CREAM LOVER AND I LOVED IT !! I had delicious ice cream and they have flurries – I had an andes candy flurry with rainbow sprinkles – holy moly! This place was on THE TODAY SHOW and I know why…. wow !

The next day was a bit rainy I checked out a little boat tour along LAKE GEORGE – it is so cool to see all the awesome camp grounds

The coolest thing also in LAKE GEORGE is that there is a DRIVE IN  !

The restaurant at the SAGAMORE on the LAKE is so yummy they have yummy yummy yummy LOBSTER salad with jalepenos – it is majorly awesome !

I met some new friends along the way so cute they swam with me in the lake

Over and out to the next post

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