Last year in October I did my first RUGGED MANIAC.

What is Rugged Maniac?  It is a 5K with obstacles – you climb walls, crawl through mud, jump hurdles, carry tires and have to run like crazy.

I am not a runner.  I stink at running. I think for my size I am pretty strong but I try to go to the gym as much as I can.  I used to have trainers – I had one trainer for many years Amin who really is the one who kicked my butt into shape.  I now go to Cross Fit which I need to do a seperate post on because I am in love with CROSS FIT.  Scott  &  I go together and we enjoy it so much.  We meet people and are constantly are learning new skills and are always pushing ourselves.  Between the trainers and now the Cross Fit I think I have gotten pretty strong at least with muscle strength and core strength yet I still can’t run. My goal is really to push myself with running more.  Yet today in the crazy hot heat I was pretty proud that I ran a good 80% of the time and didn’t give into walking.

I really pushed myself to do the best I could do.  Life is stressful and this is definitely a stress reliever.  It is also a big accomplishment finishing running and handling all those obstacles.

I have to thank Scott because he really believes in me with this stuff and makes me push myself.  We don’t always have someone to push ourselves. There was a time I definitely had to motivate myself and push myself to go to the gym and eat healthy. That is ok – we don’t need someone to push ourselves. We all need to believe in ourselves and do the best we can – have confidence, strategize on your goals and go for it.  I was so weak at first but now years into training I am stronger.  It takes a while and it doesn’t happen overnight.

It is so important to work out and try to eat well.  It makes a huge difference with your energy levels.  I am not saying I am the healthiest eater because as an Italian I enjoy a great bowl of pasta every once an a while and I am an ICE CREAM MANIAC.  I love ice cream so much it is really not the best thing. I have been trying to eat healthier treats and Almond Ice Cream ( less Dairy).

Anyway I really think we should all push ourselves. It is always so awesome to see these teams of people out there doing the Rugged Maniac together and cheering each other on.  Or seeing the individual prevail and finish the race!

Today I did the Rugged Maniac with Scott and his friend Martin. Of course they finished before me but we all were psyched for each other that we all finished.  It is an accomplishment.

One other cool thing about Cross Fit and Rugged Maniac it is something that can tie us together.  My Godson, who I am so proud of is a huge fan of Cross Fit and he not only will do the Rugged Maniac but he did the epic Spartan Race.  He too agreed how rewarding it is to run one of these races.

I really believe it helps your mind and body – check it out !

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