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Yesterday was an awesome day! Sunshine, fresh air, good music and fun times.  We went to the Governers Ball on Randalls Island.  It was so well done with awesome mobile food trucks ( you know I love mobility – – we were the only ones around back in 2005 with Mud Truck now there is everything out of a truck – tacos, ice cream sandwiches, lobster rolls & I tried it all 🙂 yesterday ). We went a little before 3pm and we had some ice cream from a new company that is so yummy Vietnamese Coffee is a must try  – the company is called Phin & Phebes and they are MADE IN NEW YORK in Brooklyn – so good ! then we went off and had some Lobster Rolls from Lukes.  Then onto some FOSTERS beer ( Australian for surfboard, Australian for beer) and a listen of SANTIGOLD. She was amazing as usual – I loved her dress and her dancers with neon outfits and she invited a ton of people up to dance with her.  I spotted a ton of AMERICAN FLAG gear – it was everywhere tanks, shirts, bandanas, shorts – between that and neon – holy moly ! Then we walked around and checked out this “silent disco” presented by SENNHEISER – it was super cool and the quality of the headphones was great. Then off to Virgin Mobile to chat with them about getting me some iphone service again so I can get back on Instagram like everyone else ( I feel so left out:() and then we checked out HONDA CIVIC – a cool fact about me I owned a  Honda Civic – I was so excited to see them there and also loved that CAMELBAK was there too – I use it a lot when we go hiking!
So we checked out all the vignettes and then it was time for a COOLHAUS ice cream sandwich break – I had root beer float squooshed between two outrageous chocolate chip cookies.  We then listed to some Major Lazer with DIPLO and that was so fun onto to Chromeo ( I liked their stage because they had these cool legs on the bottom of their stands – so very Robert Palmer girl ( which I was one Halloween at Marist) and then off to DUCK SAUCE and lastly checked out one of my favs Passion Pit.  Right before Passion Pit caught some dinner by Mexicue.  It was a really beautiful and fun day.  I saw a lot of great style out there and just really great energy. Talking of something so cool – a really rad photographer came up to me and asked if she could photograph me for her street style piece – yay !!  very cool – she was so nice – I am so sad though because I took a photo of her card and it came out blurry and I wanted to do a call out to her. It is so nice meeting new people.

The time on Randalls Island was great and it ended  with an awesome show by Passion Pit and a really amazing sunset.

Back at home enjoying our balcony with Barrett B – the empire state building was awesome – it was every color – purple, red, orange, blue, green – so pretty. It is so relaxing sitting on the balcony.

The night concluded with an episode of one of my favorite new television shows – SUITS. I met Meghan and Sarah on the show and they are so nice that I was like I have to check out this show. It keeps your interest, it is funny and has great story lines.  It has great acting.  I love it.  And the intro song is by I AM A ROBOT ( which is Alex of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros band before ESMZ – it is  a really great song – they also play a ton of other great music).

It is a really savvy show – can’t wait to watch another episode after TRUE BLOOD tonight! My outfit was super comfortable for the day with a shirt by David Lauren’s line he did at Barneys – it was the Caravan collection – hopefully I inspired it ha ha, then Rachel Roy shorts and my Hat Attack hat I borrowed from the studio and my Marc Jacobs bi – color sunglasses.

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