@STGnyc @cottonfashion @caravanstudio create a video with over 20 amazing actors and actresses during UPFRONT WEEK

aja and caravan

First thank you to http://www.savethegarmentcenter.org for creating this organization to harvest and support more talent in NYC.
New York is about art, culture, and being creative it is in our blood – we need to support more and more creativity and production in New York and that includes fashion production in order to create more jobs.
I created Caravan Stylist Studio as a full service, hair, makeup and wardrobe studio in the heart of the Fashion District in order to provide a space to foster creativity and to be a catalyst for conversation among talent ( fashion designers, actresses, actors, musicians, bloggers, writers, editors, djs, photographers, artists, and other influencrs). The goal is to build on the conversation, to network and to grow more and more artistic creativity in New York. We support all talent whether it be the photographer that needs to use the studio for a photo shoot, the actress that needs to get ready for their show, the blogger creating their own style shoot or the designer organizing a press preview or trunk show. The space is every evolving.

The main program is WARDROBE CURATION where we curate clothing for talent – we introduce them to designers and we hope they wear the clothing out and about and talk about these amazing designers.  They are voices of influence that can spread the word about these designers and brands in a fun creative way.

Alongside that we hope to help organizations like SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER and learn more about the fashion industry from amazing companies like Cotton Incorporated so we can really be in the heart of what we love – FASHION.

I want to thank everyone that made this very fun “homegrown” with a lot of heart video by one of my favorite talented people out there – VINCENT DISANTO.  We filmed these videos super quick and he curated a great final product that is truly authentic and just natural !

Let us know what you think @caravanstudio

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