I am an extremely lucky person. Things don’t always go the way I want them too. Things sometimes are annoying and don’t make sense. But that is life.  But overall I am lucky especially right now.  I have the most amazing parents. They are perfect for me.  Yes we get on each other’s nerves sometimes but we love each other so much.  My parents are funny in regards to humor and they are FUN – they make me laugh and giggle and they are just really the nicest people on the planet.  I am so lucky to have them.

My boyfriend had a weekend planned with friends diving and hanging out with “the guys” for a bachelor party. I decided to take advantage and spend some time with my parents.  Originally we were thinking of going to an island but instead we decided to go to Montauk, which we could drive too and take the doggies – Corinthos & Barrett.  I have to tell you the dogs made us laugh so much that they were built in entertainment so  I am glad we decided to take them.

We stayed at the Montauk Yacht Club which is such a nice hotel.  It is classic and the staff is lovely and everything is very clean.  It was a perfect “FAMILY PLACE”. They also welcome dogs so in my book this place is A++++.  It reminds me of a place that Jackie O would stay – very nautical and fun and just simple but classy.  Out of all our meals there I enjoyed lunch the best – we had a nice table outside, enjoyed fish tacos and the sun.

Now my parents are oldies but they are hipsters…. I really think my parents can pass as “SENIOR HIPSTERS” ha ha.

We hung out at Rushmeyers and they just chilled… we ate delicious food and tried the Watermelon Beer on the menu. We hung out near the tepee and on the swings and just really enjoyed ourselves.

Next up we had to end the night with ice cream and got the BEST !!! at JOHNS DRIVE IN. If you are in Montauk and you don’t have ice cream at John’s you are missing out.  Holy moly – the root bear floats, the swirl ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, everything is DELICIOUS and HOMEMADE. It is a really fun place.

The next day the sun came up and we chilled by the pool – later in the day we brought Barrett on her first beach excursion – she didn’t love it. She was a bit scared. My dad kept saying – what do you expect – she is only 18 months old… it was very cute. We tried. We will try again because I think once she gets used to it she might love it.

That night we ate at the SURF LODGE…. and my parents and I got to enjoy THE DRUMS… my dad’s favorite band!!! ha ha – my dad actually knew of them and they were amazing. The sun was setting as they were playing and it was amazing to see them live in such a small venue. I love the surf lodge. I stayed there before and love the rooms, the hammocks and the ENDLESS SUMMERS ( these wine/grape cocktails – that are very lite but delicious).  The new restaurant, THE BYRON is fantastic.  I had the fluke and it was perfection and the tomato & cheese starter was wonderful.  My parents loved the spot. Yet, we did move on for dessert – back to John’s Drive In, where we caught the tail end of the Celtics game. Yes, I am a Celtics fan now that my boyfriend is from Mass and they were winners last night !

We woke up the next morning and we enjoyed some brunch and on the way back we checked out the new suprise behind Cynthis Rowley’s store – MILK BAR ! holy moly it was just like being in New York… birthday truffles, crack pie, composte cookies… and a very cool setting.

The Cynthia Rowley store is adorable – one of my favorite designers not only for her clothes but her charm and concept – it is all so amazing !

We had a very enjoyable ride back to the City and I have to tell you I am back at home with Barrett laying next to me and so sad the parents aren’t here chilling with me.  I love my parents and I am so grateful for them.

I have been to Montauk a bunch if you have any questions hit me up !

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