I just went to the Cayman Islands. It wasn’t truly a place that was on my “bucket list” but my boyfriend said the diving was good and I was learning how to dive ! I took all my lessons in NYC and now I had to go to the Cayman Island for 4 open water dives.  Trust me it is a bit scary. It was something I swore I would NEVER do but once you get the hang of it – it is incredible.  I saw a reef shark in its natural environment and saw an EEL in a hole and swam with squids and tons of beautiful fish. It is definitely challenging but it is incredible. Oh I used NEPTUNE DIVERS – check them out they are AMAZOID – their instructors made my open water dive certifications not so scary. I was scared and went originally to the “monopoly diving place” and they were mean and then someone told be about NEPTUNE and they were so kind and patient – if you are going diving in Cayman Islands go with NEPTUNE !

Something else we did was we went swimming with DOLPHINS.  It is called DOLPHIN DISCOVERY. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I hate tourist traps and silly stuff and I was really thinking we were about to be in the biggest tourist trap when we signed up for this but the total opposite happened. We had an incredible experience, we swam with the dolphins, got to learn a ton about them and then we were able to have them pick us up and take us for a ride – this was truly wild ! a bit scary being under two dolphins control but incredible – I truly believe this is one of the coolest things I ever did and highly recommend it.

I stayed at a nice place but if I was to go back I would stay at the RITZ CARLTON – in the middle of the ocean they have a tube that is lined so you can lie in it and just relax.  It is a bit intimidating being in the middle of the ocean but it is an also an awesome experience to be one with nature.

We did check out a day boat trip to “RUM ISLAND” another very cool experience – the island is like a camp with very pretty trendy pastel colors and the food is really great.  The coolest part too is the boat ride over.  It was a great day trip and  I would recommend that for anyone going to Cayman Islands.

I had some great meals but my most favorite was CALYPSO GRILL – this place is first notch.  It is an incredibly cute spot with amazing food. Order the sticky toffee pudding – it is the most amazing dessert I ever had and I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It was so flavorful I will remember that taste forever.

I have to thank Ales Struna at for helping me pick a great vacation spot.

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