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Caboodles & Caravan Stylist Studio

Most girls I know have, at one point in their life, owned a Caboodlesmakeup case. I know I’ve owned a few! My first one was purple, w/sparkles, pull out drawers & a mirror.
Before that, I had a few lipsticks & glosses so I kept them in a pretty box. When I got my Caboodles case, it made it so easy to keep everything organized. Which is good b/c I like everything at my fingertips when I’m getting ready. This is what started that idea for me. Even better that it came in a carrying case so I could take it with me if I traveled.
Since then, I got pink & silver cases of different sizes and something I use to keep my Q-Tips/cotton rounds in. I even had a huge case that opened in the middle with roll out sides. That was my favorite because it was like a compact mini suitcase! I wouldn’t board a plane w/out it, as it fit perfectly in my Louis Vouitton duffle bag.
Clearly this was before the airlines would bark at you for trying to carry lip gloss on a plane. I mean, it’s lip gloss, not nitro glycerin.Whatever!I met Alyson (social media director for Caboodles) at The Makeup Show in LA last month. We had actually already been following each other’s blogs & on twitter. I didn’t know she did work with Caboodles until after we’d met. It was through her that I found out Caboodles was celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year and had gotten a majormakeover! The cases have all been revamped and are more fashion forward than ever! They’re all grown up and not just for teens anymore. They’re mature yet fun & sexy, perfect for women in their 20’s & 30’s. This is not a little girl’s makeup box, by any means!
Alyson then put me in touch w/Betsy who invited me to check out theCaravan Stylist Studio in Manhattan.
How could I say no? Lol!
Caravan is a wardrobing studio that brings designers, artists, celebrities together through events thrown at the studio itself, to bring attention to the eclectic mix of brands being hosted at the studio as well as to the Fashion District in general. They offer hair, makeup & wardrobe options for artists so they can learn about the new trends & amazing new designs while the artists can bring recognition to the brands all at once.
Do you follow? : )
It’s a brilliant, win/win concept! Caboodles is one of those brands, fortunately for me! Lol!
Located right in the heart of the Fashion District on 38th & 5th Ave, the studio has seen it’s share of the “who’s who” in entertainment. If you’re not a celebrity when you walk in, you will definitely feel like one walking out. I know I did!
I took some pictures to show how amazing this 2,500 sq. ft space really is!

Welcome to Caravan!!
Over in the “West wing” there’s a beautiful seating area
Exposed brick AND a ceiling to floor window…Love!
Chic & cozy 🙂
The “right wing” (as I call it) leads to wardrobe, hair & makeup or “accessory heaven” as I also like to call it! Lol!…
But before you get there, you have to stop and look at this gorgeous“Enchanted Forest” mural…Pretty, right?
Once you get to the end of the hall, stop & look at the racks of clothes from amazing designers like:
Walter (
Just Taylor (
Marti (
T.Tandon (
Rae Collections (
House Of Gods ( was My Fave!
Rebecca Minkoff (
Eva Franco (
I got in & right away I had my hair washed & styled, makeup ready!
Seriously, I don’t usually let anyone do my makeup but Adreanna is as sanitary as she is talented (2 things I look for in a Makeup Artist) Sheknew what would look best on me w/out me having to say anything, which really impressed me. She also worked wonders on my hair and made the whole experience an absolute dream!!
I wanted to list the products she used on my skin/hair because I really liked & recommend everything!
Joico, Shampoo
CHI, Infra Treatment
Warren Tricomi, Blue Gel
Babyliss Hot Tools
DDF, Aloe Toning Complex
DDF, Wrinkle Resist Plus, Pore Minimizer
      Makeup: ULTA
Mouse Foundation (Buff Beige)
Eye shadows (Cherry BombEggplant)
Mineral Eye shadows (DessertEmbers)
Liquid Liner (Black)
Tinted Balm (Glow)
Mascara (Black)
Did I tell you she worked wonders or what?
I had dinner plans after this and I was pretty dressed down but I had this glamorous, cascading hairstyle…Lol! I loved it!
Thank goodness I had after dinner plans as well, I felt way tooglamorous to keep it all to myself! 😉
She really is a brilliant stylist for both hair AND makeup…Cheers to you Adreanna! Xo
So after I got gorgeous, she gave me a makeup bag from Ulta with some makeup/products inside….
Fabulous Face Foundation Primer
Eye shadow quad in “Good Girl“(I say quad bc of the 4 colors but this one is a circle…Lol!)
Nail Polish (Concrete Evidence)
Automatic eyeliner (Black)
Tinted Lip Balm (Glow)
Super Shiny Lip Gloss (Clear-05)
Then I got to pick a Caboodles makeup case!!!
Of course I picked the “Rock Star” case…I actually picked it bc I love lace and this one just seemed the most like Me 🙂
This style also comes in silver w/black lace but I wanted pink!
I have a few train cases and carrying systems for my kit but none like this This is definitely the prettiest case I now own!
So femme fatale!
Then I got to pick products & I chose this Deep Cleansing Brush from DDF (Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula)in like, 2 seconds! This comes with a full size tube of polishing scrub. Adreanna then gave me 2 products to go along w/it so I’d have a complete system to use. I like taking steps when giving myself facials…Lol!
So now I can exfoliate, treat (serum) & moisturize.
-DDF Amplifying Elixir (Serum)
-DDF Ultra-Lite, Oil Free Moisturizing Dew
I was also given a bottle of Tibi Tonic to try. You’re supposed to drink half before you go out drinking (intentionally or not! Lol) then you drink the other half either before bed & you should wake up feeling fresh…aka-not hungover. I have yet to try it but I will let you know how that works out…haha!
After all of this I wandered over to the wardrobe, accessories, shoes and bags section!
The lovely Lauren was amazing and showed me around while introducing me to all of the designers and products (Hi Lauren! Xo)
I made a bee line right for the House Of Gods rack. They’re a UK based brand. The clothes are all hand made & the fabric is soft, almost silky and the tops all had really cool images of rock legends like David BowieIggy Pop & Debby Harry (one of my all timefaves!)
Michelle Vale (
Top shelf:
Hats (
Bracelets/Bags…Buji Baja (
Bottom Shelf:
Shoes…Report Shoes (
Shoes…J. Litvack (
Zariin (
Buji Baja (
Blu Bijou (
We Dream In Colour (
Alex Stein Design (
Seah (
Renee Masoomian (
Blue Bijou (
Remi&Emmy (
The girls were so sweet and told me to pick a bag. I had my eye on the black studded guy on the middle shelf to the left or the red studded bag to the right but then Adreanna pulled out the bright orange bag on the top (middle) shelf. I said, “Yep! That’s the one!” Lol!
It was fresh for summer, how could I go back to black? : )

Close up of my new baby!

What closet would be complete without shoes?!
MIA Shoes (
MIA Shoes (
J. Litvack (

So, I have to admit, I think celebrity life has it’s downfalls but this is definitely not one of them! Lol!
I had a blast and loved every second of my royal treatment. I can’t wait to stop in again to see the girls and catch up on the latest in fashion and the newest styles around the world!
Thanks again Caravan & Caboodles, I will be seeing you again soon!

Keep it pretty!

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