I have the awesome pleasure to work in the FASHION DISTRICT. Growing up I always wanted to be in the fashion business and it is an incredible honor to be able to be in the heart of the district and be a part of CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO.

The Fashion District is really developing and growing and I am excited that Caravan Stylist Studio is a part of that growth.
I just met with Erica Wolfe that helps Nanette Lepore with and I am so excited to get more involved and I love all the work that Yeohlee Teng and is doing as well.

A project I just got involved in that I am so excited about is with CNNCTD+ and it is called SOUND GRAFFITI. It is a very cool project stationed outside 1412 broadway / across from COFFEE BEAN and TEA LEAF where you can sit on a bench and plug in your headphones and listen to all these amazing designers and fashion heroes talk about the FASHION DISTRICT. Pop into Coffee Bean & TEA LEAF and pick up something exciting to drink and plug in your headphones and listen.

I was so energized by this project that CNNCTD+ put together with our help getting Lisa Smilor from CFDA, Yeohlee Teng, Erica Wolf, Nanette Lepore, Gaby Basaro of Tucker, Alice Ritter, WALTER, Rebecca Minkoff, Michelle Vale, Stacy Igel from Boy Meets Girl, other CFDA incubator designers, Bibhu Mohapatra, and so many others involved in this amazing concept.

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