Thanks for covering the SOCIALYTE lounge at Caravan Stylist Studio JOONBUG you rule !


by Leigh Loosbrock   Mon, February 13th, 2012 at 4:47pm

We had a fantastic time at the Bloggers Brunch yesterday presented by at the beautiful Caravan Stylist Studio. The exclusive event, which only invited about 50 guests (yes, we felt special!) was held in a sprawling loft in midtown. Bloggers upon bloggers mingled with industry folk while tweeting about anything and everything within their camera’s zooming grasp. Yes, as bloggers, we are all about the tweeting, however, this was a whole new level of social media. Why, you ask? Because every product that a blogger tweeted about at the event, they got to take home with them! Yes, so unbelievable, but so true! And no, these products were not 2 oz. samples of soaps and fragrances, they were handbags by Rebecca Minkoff, shoes by Chinese LaundryUlta makeup products, hangover juices, you name it! Suzanna (aka Zanna) co-founder, even stated at one point “this is so effortless, I almost feel gluttonous by just having to tweet to get free products when I would probably be doing it anyway!”

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