What is  If you landed on this page.  This is my personal blog. Who am I ?  Claudine DeSola.  I would say I am a New Yorker (all my life)- Brooklyn and then Staten Island and now NYC for the last 14+ years or so.  I am a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, and friend.  I have been in the Public Relations business for the last 15 years working in a lot of different disciplines from fashion, lifestyle, beauty, nightlife and entertainment.  I have launched international brands, organized feature stories, television segments, book tours, store openings, animal rights campaigns for The Humane Society of the United States,over 100 + fashion shows, celebrity dressing ( wardrobed over 250+) and most likely close to 250+ events through the years.  I launched CARAVAN in 2005 as the first ever mobile store – check out for more info on the mobile, Great Jones and Carnegie Hill stores.  I was lucky to launch collections at CARAVAN that are now internationally distributed.

Truly, my passion is fashion and introducing people

to designers

and trends.

I love PR but I also love wardrobe and the “curation of the wardrobe” as well as networking and introducing everyone.

Therefore I am living my dream and opened up the

Caravan Stylist Studio recently.

The studio is a creative space.  It is a full service wardrobe, hair & makeup studio in the heart of the FASHION DISTRICT.

We will wardrobe talent and be open to editors and bloggers.

Our goal is to have TALENT help TALENT by everyone creating buzz for one another and everyone enjoying each other’s work.   The studio can be used as a photography studio, creative and event space as far as a place for those on the go – to chill out and relax.  There is a full time stylist on board that will take care of any hair, make-up, skincare needs of our guests.

This blog is a mix up / mash up of my life from everything that happens personally to professionally.  It talks about what I see, what I like to do, things I love, where I have been, things that inspire me and of course

my work.

To see what the CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO looks like check out :

Our website will be launching soon but we are indeed spending some time on it right now so we can try to make it with lots of LOVE!

Thanks for visiting

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