We decided to do a last minute soft launch party to kick off the studio – there is so much to be done still but we figured a celebration was in order for what we have accomplished so far:


First off I was so lucky to have Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and her brother King join me for the opening. She came right before show time for GODSPELL – this was such a honor and made the night start of extra special.

Here we are with big smiles with Yeohlee Teng and Joerg Schwartz. 

Here is our hair / makeup stylist Christine Valentin with Amy Sattler of ULTA trying all the awesome ULTA beauty goodies we are so lucky to have at the studio !

The ULTA cosmetic line is truly awesome – so many colors and the concealers are perfection.

Thank you @ULTA_Beauty for all your support ! Here is a photo of our makeup / hair stylist

doing some glam at the studio party !


Thank you Herbin Spoonful and Fattycakes for the delicious treats !

Thank you ARIZONA for the most amazing teas and cocktails – ARNOLD PALMER with a twist  -it is so fun & festive on ice!

Thank you to Cheryl Simmons of for visiting us on our party night ! Those shoes are amazoid !

My favorite marketing and fashion tech guru, Daniel Saynt and one of my favorite designers, Walter Baker and creative genius, Agnes Baker – thanks for sharing this evening !

Once I tried DDF SKINCARE – wow ! So amazing and I am so happy they are the Caravan Stylist Studio’s official skincare collection ! So lucky !

I love Denise of RAE COLLECTION ! First her collection is so pretty and she just brightens the room !

It wouldn’t have been anything without one of my most amazing friends, Josh Madden, he made the night extra special with having MANDY LEE perform and sharing his awesome dj skills with us – I am forever grateful!

Lauren McGinley is AWESOME ! She is our amazing guru & fashion ninja at Caravan Stylist Studio !

Mandy Lee is amazing ! I was so grateful to have her perform at our opening party – Josh thought to have her perform and it made the night perfect ! Look her up because she is about to get HUGE !!

Two other awesome singers came out for the party –  Lily Halpern

and Brittany Smooch

* which was awesome because that is one of the goals of CARAVAN is to learn about new musicians and share their music so we were so excited to have Mandy Lee perform and have some other awesome young musicians join us !

Designer MARTI is awesome ! I love her dresses !! And she is 100% made in NY

Long time buddy Maryanne Grisz and she helped create the film DRESSED – which we will be doing their holiday after party for Nary Manivong at the studio ! so excited !

Speaking of good friends – Samuelle Green – She is amazing !! and a creative genius!

Speaking of Creative Geniuses… the night wouldn’t have been complete without Yeohlee Teng who is one of the brainchilds of the work behind MADE IN

Yeohlee Teng is like family to me – I know her for so long and speaking of family my parents were there to support me – they are the most amazing parents to me and I am very lucky

We are very lucky to have Renee Masoomian as one of our designers at the studio

Walter & Agnes Baker with Michelle Vale, one of our handbag designers – all MADE IN NY

Me and Von Vonnie – look this designer up if you haven’t yet heard of him – he is truly amazing !

 Melissa Gonzalez – such a smart and savvy girl – a pop up store genius!

The night couldn’t be complete unless I shared it with one of my favorite ladies – Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl !

Can Anna of HOUSE OF GODS be any more awesome – so lucky to have them part of Caravan Stylist Studio !

I launched CARAVAN by DEMETER FRAGRANCE during Fashion Night Out and we will give it all the guests of Caravan Stylist Studio – 25% of proceeds will support MADE IN MIDTOWN

I LOVE THE FASHION CENTER BID – they do so many great things and my buddy Ryan is behind some of those awesome events…. so happy he came out for the opening of the studio !

and some of my besties

Lisa Puccio Kobin and her beautiful daughter who I adore – Caroline

and my best friend Gilda Gallaro and her boyfriend Chris ( my caravanboy)

and long time friend CHRISTO – an amazing hair stylist

Thank you everyone who made this night special – including ALL CITY SOUND and my cousin VINNY and of course my buddy, Jerritt Clark. You are all so awesome.

Lastly, I would like to thank GEORGE

( who couldn’t be at the party )

but he helped install all our lightning and he is not only an electrical genius but he is one of the nicest people I know – and I am lucky to know him and Lauren McGinley.

Thank you everyone.

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