We had an amazing event with Siggy Flicker – this woman is a super star.  She is so funny, smart, eloquent and she gave a lot of our Caravan Stylist Studio guests some awesome advice.

The event had incredible cocktails provided by Voli Vodka ( so yummy) the cocktails were beautiful and the Tealogist as well which is an excellent mixer for vodka cocktails.  If you love tea ( like I do ) this is a perfect cocktail!

Thank you to our friends at Brandlink Communications – Thank you Raven & Jessica !

And of course thank you to Jo Mignano – this event was her brainchild

Siggy spoke about her history and then gave some general advice to everyone and then answered specific questions.

After she spoke and did the Q&A we had our ULTA Beauty expert on hand giving tips on how to do your makeup for a first date – how to have a nice clean polished look and wear makeup but not too much makeup.

Siggy jumped into the stylist’s chair and took some fun ULTA Beauty tips too – she said she is in love with their concealer!

Btw check out her awesome hair – it is so rad!

After she checked out our BEAUTY area she visited our FASHION area and picked out a top by NY MADE designer Renee Masoomian – which she said she was wearing today and a dress by VON VONNIE – which she said was the perfect dress for New Years Eve. He has the most incredible wrap dresses that are so unique and special and wrap almost 100 different ways – another designer MADE IN NY!

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