I sometimes think I have some crazy ideas and I say to myself oh claude – why can’t you just do something normal – I definitely challenge myself every day both professionally and personally and I get mad at myself when I don’t feel like I succeeded.  I think though this is what makes life interesting. I just saw a poster and my boyfriend and I were laughing about it – it said THINK OF YOUR OWN IDEAS ! That is true we should all be thinking for ourselves and constantly on our toes – There are days I think I wish I could just sit around and just relax and not think about what is next but I can’t –  that is me and it seems like this quality is in a lot of the people we have admired. Right now I create and come up with crazy ideas and with my newest idea I am hoping it impacts and helps and changes things a little bit this time around. My goal is to have talent help talent and to create original authentic, honest, fun content but in the meantime I will just share this very inspiring ad with you – see below
Thanks Waggener Edstrom for the inspiration on your blog post –

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