Lately I have been really watching what I eat and mapping everything out in a food journal that my boyfriend organized for me. We are huge fans of Dr. John Berardi and we do try to follow all his rules – pre – workout/ post workout.

I am also reading all these books about eating healthier and super foods but my problem is SNACKING.

Yes I can eat a great delicious healthy meal of baked salmon & veggies but then in between meals I am looking for snacks… I love fruit & I love nuts but sometimes I want something that tastes like it is maybe being “naughty” but it is so good for me and that is where THINK PRODUCTS come in – these are even better then a candy bar and they are totally healthy and totally yummy for you. So you can get that “SNACKING SENSATION” but at the same time have something totally healthy and that comes in beautiful packaging and has so many great flavors. I pick mine up at WHOLE FOODS but you can get them on their website :
Check them out:


It is important to always be honest so my other weakness is MAGNUM PREMIUM ICE CREAM – holy moly ! I get 1 a week and I work for it… I go to the gym and after a week of keeping up with my exercise both at gym, riding my bike and walking my dog I do treat myself to the most incredible ice cream ever…. so I shall not seem like miss trim with my food diet and my awesome THINK THIN etc – I also indulge in heavenly MAGNUM once a week… I personally think it is important to indulge and to enjoy the things you love – and mine definitely is ICE CREAM.

I joke that I work out to eat ice cream !

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