ELLE GIRL model contest & Dania Ramirez in PREMIUM RUSH

When I helped design a CARAVAN GIRL collection for the STYLE 360 fashion shows with ELLE and ELLE.com I had the opportunity to meet Jessica & Michelle – two lovely talented ladies… this is a great behind the scenes video that I just found on YOUTUBE – check it out –

I designed all the dresses you see on the runway !

Btw you see Dania Ramirez on the runway in one of my dresses – it was her first time modelling in a fashion show and she looked AWESOME – such a cool girl — and she is one of my favorite actresses soon to be in PREMIUM RUSH

I just started riding my bike in the streets of the city  – I used to stick to walking to the WEST SIDE HIGHWAY and then getting on the bike but my bf has been trying to teach me the streets and bike paths – and I am scared but I do love him for it… it is so rewarding being able to bike back & forth over bridges – it is exciting

Anyway dying to see DANIA RAMIREZ in this movie –

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