We hosted our FNO party on September 9, 2011 at SKY ROOM with the help of

MAGNUM Super Premium Ice Cream, Smartwater, DEMETER fragrance, and

Heinken. We enlisted the help of some amazing actors and musicians to host

the party and spread the word about FNO as well as another mission we have

learned a lot about recently through Yeohlee Teng, YEOHLEE INC called – a program organized through The Design Trust

for Public Space. These actors and musicians supported this party with the

goal of supporting fashion, talent and creativity.  I thank them so much

and believe it was really a true opportunity to show talent supporting talent.

I have a lot of THANK YOUS … Julia Jones is

AWESOME – besides being so pretty, she really studied up on the different

programs and how we can all help designers and THE FASHION DISTRICT. I

wish we got to chat more but the time we did I saw how thoughtful Julia is

and I was honored to have her as a host for Caravan for the night.  She is not

only in my favorite film saga : TWILIGHT she is amazing, talented and very

kind. Thank you to Julia and all her hosts!

Julia Jones Orfeh – she has attended a few of our events – she is rocking one of the LIPSY dresses here – she looks amazing in it and she is so kind and she really so supportive of the mission of talent supporting talent and we are grateful!

DELUKA is AMAZING !!! look up more on them – they were so nice to not only join us for our FNO party but they DJed – so rad ! My buddy micprobes is in the picture and PJL with two of the guys from the band ! 

Shantel VanSanten

I am in love with Shantel’s outfit with her vintage necklace – it is such an awesome combo – check out her bag !! It was so nice Shantel took time to get involved with our FNO party – I am a huge fan of the ONE TREE HILL cast – everyone is so nice and it meant a lot to have Shantel a part of this event!

Daya Vaidya – is such an awesome girl -I love that she is a dancer – she studied with Alvin Ailey and now she stars on UNFORGETTABLE – check it out and it was so lovely to join us – and looked amazing in this dress – I love the color on her ! Get to know more about her

Sabi – I love her spirit and her voice she is so awesome and she looked so cool in her ANN YEE top

RYE RYE – has amazing style and is an incredible performer – I THANK HER SO MUCH FOR MAKING OUR FNO party extra special with her amazing ENERGY !

Tammin Sursok from Pretty Little Liars – I love this dress… it is so pretty ! Jaslene Gonzalez in an awesome pant suit ! So awesome

My good friend PETER JAMES LEE – who is an awesome dj, photographer, blogger and fashion designer

Alysia Reiner – one of the most awesome actresses, buddies and moms I have ever met – she is so awesome !!!

Kelly Choi – so nice, talented, pretty and SMART… love her …. look at this rad Moschino dress! Me & Paul Iacono giving big smiles – he is so awesome and so stylish !

Me & Lauren McGinley ( my Caravan Stylist Studio counter part) – the nicest girl ever ! 

Me & Laura Patterson ( floral designer extraordinaire & production guru)

Matt Nordgren – he has some cool leadership programs definitely check out his website.

Samuelle Green  – making Fashion Night Out a success and making bracelets out of recycled materials given to us from Alice & Trixie, Ann Yee, Boy Meets Girl and others for Amanda Hearst’s Friends of Finn Charity.  We created eco – bracelets to raise money for the organization she created under The Humane Society of the United States umbrella. ADOPT ! Like me and her we adopted her little puppies ! Give a dog a home – visit a shelter today!

I have more to post a lot more but just doing a little at a time – a lot more people to thank !!

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