Demeter Fragrances has partnered with Caravan Stylist Studio to launch their newest limited edition fragrance – Caravan for Fashion’s Night Out. 50% of proceeds from sales of the fragrance will be donated to charities including the NYC AIDS Fund for Fashion’s Night Out and Made in Midtown.

The fragrance will be available only at the Manhattan FNO events on the evening of September 8th, and on the Demeter website, through the end of the year.

While we do many charitable endeavors at Demeter, this was very personal for me. I learned the garment business, going to the garment center as a child with my father. Some of my first memories are the whirring of the knitting machines, back in the day when we still made cloth in NYC. I remember being amazed that those hundreds of knitting needles, moving faster than the eye could follow, could be coordinated and controlled to make an infinite variety of patterns. So to me, FNO, Made in Manhattan and Caravan represent the epitome of all the possibilities, passion and creativity that New York fashion represents.

This unique, sparkling scent with peach skin, strawberry leaf, caramelized sugar and ylang ylang captures the bright optimism and creativity that is the essential character of the NYC Midtown Garment center, and a very personal tribute to my father.

Mark Crames
CEO Demeter Fragrance Library

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