I met Yeohlee Teng – over fifteen years ago when I had the lucky opportunity to work for her – first as a PR assistant and eventually as the PR director at YEOHLEE INC.  It was the most amazing experience of my life – I learned about PR, fashion, design, architecture, and so much more.  This opportunity helped me build a foundation and gave me really great work ethics.

The photo above is from Yeohlee’s show three seasons ago at the studio she worked from – I am not quite sure how I was so lucky to be in this photo with three of the most amazing women – Patricia Mears, Yeohlee Teng and               Dr. Valerie Steele.

Yeohlee Teng now has a store at 25 West 38th Street between 5th & 6th and her studio / showroom are all a part of the one unit – it is amazing.

When you have a moment – also check this out :

Yeohlee, my mentor, an inspiration and my favorite designer met with one of my favorite bloggers, Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes and had a meeting of the minds – the photos are beautiful and this is just an amazing encounter between two of the most dynamic, stylish, multi disciplined, incredible women out there.  Yeohlee is one of the most talented designers in America, made in NY and Jane not only brings us visually interesting and diverse content but she just has an amazing eye and style. 

I love when interesting people have a “meeting of the minds” and we are lucky to see a little bit of what happened between these two when they met.

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