Claire Coffee

So funny the feeling is mutual… I met Claire Coffee – this awesome, stylish actress who I am very excited to see her career grow and grow.  She already has done some amazing things and trust me you will see a lot of her. 

I was googling upfronts and STYLE 360 and saw she posted her article  + gave me a shout out.

This is the nicest thing ever !

First this girl has great style and she is super nice. And she is an amazing talent.

check out her upcoming work on her site

I love Claudine and… I was in New York last week and got to drop by ThinkPR’s 2011 Upfronts Wardrobe Lounge. Claudine let me run away with an awesome new wardrobe and gummy vitamins. I promise to share with my sisters and I promise not to overuse ‘awesome’ in any more sentences. Here’s the link to the necklace I freaked out over: The Awesome Pin And here’s the link to my favorite dresses from the suite: Rae Annnd here’s the story from’s Style360 blog: The Awesome-ness of Claire Coffee Claire Coffee. Photo: Jerritt Clark. Claire Coffee may be best known for her role in General Hospital but she is also starring in two upcoming shows, Franklin & Bash and NBC’s Grimm. While in town for up-fronts week she stopped by the THINK PR Style Studio at Atlas, New York. Claire could not resist a new gift for all her friends: Selter’s Awesome Pin! The young star gushed about how “cool” she felt in the necklace and how she plans to buy the friendship pin for a ton of friends. She also picked up the vibrating mascara from black|Up cosmetics in a vibrant blue tint and went all in on the accessories, snagging an Andrea Valentini bright orange clutch, Fashionation speakers and a Kipling tote. Generally, Claire’s effortless style leads her to designs by APC and Built by Wendy but she also admits to having a preppy side, occasionally mixing up stripes and bright colors. She also has an amazing collection of jewelry from her Mother to accessorize with. Claire now resides in Los Angeles where she heads to the hills every so often to do some hiking.

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