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Another reason why I love AMEX – they sponsor TFF and let some really cool films be brought to the screens in NYC

Films bring tears to my eyes because you know how much time the director and the actors put into them – it is amazing.

I was able to see about 8 films during TFF and it was a great experience.

I started with the documentary about the KINGS OF LEON -Talihina Sky. It is a great inside view into their history, their families, their lives and their music. If you like the band or even if you don’t know too much about their music it is a great story of making music. I had the opportunity a while ago to the band’s afterparty at Citrine – super nice guys and the party was super cool. 

The next was a project by Orlando Bloom who helped create it and star in it with Riley Keough – The Good Doctor. This film kept you on the edge of your seat – lots of suspense and it allows you to question other people’s ethics and motives.  It reminds you that honesty and respect are two things to always keep true. Besides Orlando Bloom and Riley – Michael Pena was awesome in it as well as one of my favorite actresses, Taraji Henson. 

Next up was Magic Valley – photo of the cast is in the slideshow.  A great cast and just a beautifully filmed story about several people and how they went on with their day and then at the end how they are all related to one another some how – it is interesting that something huge could have happened that affects several people but they are just going on with their day until they finally uncover the truth. Jaffe Zinn directed this film and starred some amazing actors including Scott Glenn. 

A film written by a French film maker about a real life terroist attack –  The Assault (L’Assaut). It is beautifully filmed and shows all sorts of emotions. It is very powerful. I think that Julien Leclerq did a brillant job a well as the actors Vincent Elbaz and Phillippe Bas.  

Another great story about family and responsibility and parenting –  Angels Crest. It was filmed in Canada and really beautifully done. Gaby Dellal directed this film and the cast was wonderful including Jeremy Piven, Elizabeth McGovern, Mira Sorvino and Kate Walsh.  

I love Yves Saint Laurent and I could watch his story over and over – L’Amour Fou. This documentary shows the sale of his belongings. It shows the most beautiful place I ever visited – his gardens in Morocco.  It tells a love story and a story of the rise to fame. It also showcases his collections beautifully.  I also had the opportunity to see the exhibit of his collection in Paris and it gave me the opportunity to see all these incredible pieces all over again. Pierre Thoretton did a wonderful job directing this film. 

One of my favorites by one of the best dudes – Michael Rapaport – the documentary – Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. This is AWESOME and everyone should see it. There are some photos from the premiere in slideshow – super cool! I remembered that Q Tip & Coco came into Caravan on Great Jones and came shopping – super duper cool! Besides the guys from Tribe Called Quest – Common, Mos Def and others were featured in it.  

And then Will Ferrell starred in Everything Must Go.  Another great story about how one day you can just lose everything. It is definitely possible – so it is about being responsible to those we love and making sure they know how much we care about them everyday.  The cast consisted of Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall, Stephen Root, and Michael Pena.  It was a Lionsgate Studio film and directed by Dan Rush. I caught a photo of Will Ferrell pictured in slideshow.

These films are now on MOVIES ON DEMAND. I recommend them all! Check them out and let me know what you think.

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