Kira Kim

Daniel Von Strumer

Remy Markowitsh

Vincent Olinet

Gretchen Ryan

Don Browan

Tracey Emin

Kiki Smith

Armen Eloyan

Damian Ortega

Wyn Evans

Julian Opie

David Harrison

Nari Ward

Suzy Gomez

Haavard Homstredt

Can’t wait to go swimming this summer… this piece is by Carole Feurman

Laura Lancaster

This reminds me of Caravan for some reason

Hope I can look good in a bathing suit ha ha – this is by Marjorie Strider


Donald Urquihart

Matt Stokes

Michael Joo

Jota Castro

Claire Fontaine


Nelson Leirner

What Makes Me Understand What I Know

Theo Mercier

Martin Creed

Yayoi Kusama

Elmgreen + Dragset

Leandro Erlich – this is so innovative – you look into this silver door and it has a staged subway car scenario – so neat

Lourival Cuqintta

A little Black Swan inspiration – Ballerinas — Jen Denike

Omar Barquet

Richard Prince

Mel Bochner

Gilles Barbier

Asta Groting

Kehinde Wiley

This one I loved – BOX EMPTY – Gavin Turk

Jeppe Hein

Pae White  –  this was one of my favorite places at the Armory show – Amazoid

Of course there was a 3D piece that was hard to photograph so to show it existed I took a photo of the 3D glasses – Blue Soup Group presented this piece

Me in a self portrait in Gerold Tagwerker’s piece

Marcello Maloberti

Luisa Rabbia

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Jonathan Schipper

Patrick Jacobs

Hansleter Feldmann – huge fan of safari so this was one of my fav pieces

Ryan Gander

Carole Feurman

Bart Stolie – its me & Barrett

Tracey Emin

Hank Willis Thomas

Ulrik Weck

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