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I had the awesome opportunity to check out PORT CHUCK on Saturday night with my my mother, my Godmother, cousins and my buddy, Diane (a very smart lady who also has an appreciation for General Hostipal).

Port Chuck is a band that consists of 4 cast members from General Hostipal:
Scott Reeves – Dr. Steven Webber

Steve Burton – Jason Quartermaine

Brandon Barash – Johnny Zacchara

Bradford Anderson – Spinelli

They played some awesome covers like Every Rose Has Its Thorn and closed with I Wish I Had Jessie’s Girl. 

They were so entertaining – there was a crowd of over 500 fans dancing and having fun and singing along.

These are nice guys that were there to show their musical talents and have a great time with their fans. 

They had awesome smiles on their face – they were funny – and they all have awesome voices – Scott can play the guitar pretty awesome too !

They busted out at one point with some fun party instruments like a tambourine, Bradford ruled the maracas and Brandon showed his talent on the harmonica. 

They just produced their first cd and it sounds great – it is perfect to work out, cook, dance around the house and get ready too — pick it up – it is available on www.portchuck.com and if possible next time they are in your city – check them out!


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