When I was young my mother had me join the GIRL SCOUTS – everything my mother got me involved in or helped me with was always ACE. I love my parents so much.  They have done so much for me and I count my blessings everyday. My mom picked all the best schools for me and allowed me to create all the best memories.  I wouldn’t change a thing in regards to schools I attended or clubs / activities I was a part of throughout my life thus far. 

One of my favorites was being a GIRL SCOUT… recently I met an awesome Girl Scout in my apartment building and I purchased some yummy cookies from her.  The Girl Scouts is such an awesome organization allowing girls to learn so many great values at a young age – philanthropy, responsibility, and team work are just a few but there are so many.  She let me take a photo of her – I just thought she was awesome with lots of spunk and a really cool cash register – taking notes and selling a lot of cookies. We compared notes about badges and what our favorite GS cookies is – I still dig Samoas.

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