I call this blog CARAVANGIRL because in 2005 I created the first ever mobile clothing store in a van – called Caravan.  I still think it helped create a wave for even more mobile food trucks – the treat truck actually came to me for advice.  I love that treats truck! But I would sell clothing out of my van that parked in the Meatpacking District outside Spice Market every Friday and Saturday night and one of my team members, Akiva would sell everything from flip flops, hoodies, tshirts, $500 bags and more sometimes till 1am.  The Caravan was always on the move and was covered by Good Morning America, Elle, Lucky, The New York Times, Wired and about 150 newspapers/magazines/television shows worldwide – it was amazing. I was so lucky to get that attention.

I then opened CARAVAN on Great Jones street which was a retail store that I liked to call a SOCIAL SPACE. There was so much I feel I tried to do while having another full time job at THINK PR to make shopping an experience – we offered the coolest soft drinks like FUZE….we had stylists on staff…. a website that felt like a current personal stylist blog… cool canvas bags before everyone was doing them with collectible artwork… in store djs… information on all these emerging designers so it was an educational process coming shopping… magazines to read and take away… fun gifts with purchases… it was just fun we hoped.

From there I opened Caravan in Carnegie Hill which was a by appt only store that allowed for a private shopping experience – it was for the Upper East Side moms who could easily have their child play or chill in their stroller while knowing they were safe while they shopped with the help of a stylist. The store had a garden and we had customers who would come shopping and then sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while drinking champagne.  We had customers that wanted to try everything on twice and take their time – this gave them the opportunity to do so. Again it was fun!

To find out more about some of these past projects visit
Now I am about to launch a new project hopefully with the help with some really cool + smart  + innovative and forward thinking partners.  It involves the Garment Center, celebrities both actors and musicians and lots of clothes.  I went looking around today for a space and this seems to be it! I don’t want to jinx it but I think this project will be super cool and I am very hopeful it will be a good experience for all involved.

If you are a company looking to do something 2011 get in touch with me at I can send you a deck.

There is so much to learn in life but what I do think I have a great work ethic and know how to create interesting experiences for consumers.

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