It is funny I was always proud to be from Staten Island by way of Brooklyn – lived in Brooklyn most of my life then moved to Staten Island.  I attended St. Joseph Hill Academy which was one of the best experiences of my life ! I loved it.

I had so much fun growing up in Staten Island — all the cool things the Island has to offer including the ferry, snug harbor, a Tibetan center, my awesome High School, amazing pizza and the yummiest Italian grocery stores and so much more – Richmond town alone is so cool to visit.

I am proud to say I lived in Staten Island. I wouldn’t change that. I am also proud that I lived in Brooklyn and went to school in Poughkeepsie at Marist.  In a way I am a true New Yorker – I lived in a few parts of New York and I currently reside and enjoy to the fullest, New York City. When I watched the Oscars this weekend it reminded me yet again how RAD Staten Island is – when PS22 performed – I had tears in my eyes.  I know I always need to be proud of my roots and be happy to have experienced such an awesome life and met so many incredible friends from Staten Island.

The PS22 choir is so AWESOME ! Check them out.

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in others – everyone has hard days and sometimes others may stress you out but try to be respectful to others especially those who have brought you guidance and strength.

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