My feet hurt so bad – post fashion week dilemmas – after working over 23 events in a 7 day period that could be the case.  I wear heels to all my events because I am 5’4 and I feel adding at least 4 inches to my height lets me have more authority especially when there are crowds of people looking to check into a venue. EMU is the answer to my post fashion week prayers. They are so comfortable and perfect for getting around the city.  The footwear is amazing and the clothing is as well –  I have the most beautiful leather jackets and this amazing vest that I really love and are my favorites in my wardrobe.

We run the public relations for STYLE 360 the brainchild of Al Silvestri and David Manning at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Along with that we handled the PR for our venues THE SKY ROOM and STUDIO XXI. It was a busy time.  So

We worked on the EMU AUSTRALIA show – we organized the models, the looks, hair & makeup and the invite list. It turned out great and I am very proud of my counterparts Laura & Lauren for doing such a rad job.  And even radder my Australian clients came to visit New York and see the show – they are such awesome people. We love working with this great brand.

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