Diane Von Furstenberg

I love seeing Diane Von Furstenberg speak. She is GLAMOUR and POP and she is FUNNY. I love how she speaks. She is definitely someone I look up too.

She spoke at one of my favorite places to go- the 92nd Street YMCA which they are calling the 92Y. Making it hip. Problem is I think it is already hip.

DVF is basically in her 2nd career. So far this is 11yrs in development.
She had a fruitful career but then a lot of her name became licensed out and she moved to Paris.

Some things she said that made me think that she said —

She wanted to drive her own bus.
She wanted to be a woman who was in charge of her life.

Its how I feel now. Yes I would love to find love but I am not going to settle. I would be fine to be an independent woman until I find someone that will totally respect me.

She said her first career everything was by instinct and the second time it is more about her experience.

She spoke about how we live in global world and her expansion into China.

She spoke about Andy Warhol and how what he said is becoming true everybody is famous for 15 minutes.

She told a very honest story how she went to see the Vogue editor when she was first starting, at the time it was legend Diane Vreeland and she described and said how she had to go to her office show her clothes on a rack and get some feedback quickly. It is amazing how icon DVF even had to do a “deskside” (which we love doing and encourage our clients to do). The editors are so busy so it is important to show them the collections so if you get five minutes with them that is five minutes well spent since they are ambassadors and can make your collection get noticed. We are all tight on time and need to respect one another. I see that from even DVF showing her collection quickly the first time to Diane Vreeland.

Michelle Obama wore the a reissue of the dress DVF wore in her first ads for last year’s Christmas card folder.

She spoke about how real change is happening because of internet.

She said something that was sad but sometimes we all feel like this. When she started to reignite her career -no one wanted her and people made her feel like a “has been”. Which is crazy how this talented woman felt like that.

So she came back by doing QVC and sold
1million 300,000 in 2 hours and she was back!

Her mission is to empower women and make them feel confident. She enjoys mentoring women.

This is my favorite part she never met a successful person that hasn’t felt small at some point. It is part of the ingredients for your success. Everyone feels small. It is part of the game. She spoke about clarity. Clarity is hard. Always work on it. Once you have clarity you want strategy from strategy comes success.

Intellectual property must be protected.

She spoke about how being creative and being strong are two different things.

I will end with this because it is so true. We must become strong.
Something I definitely learned this year and she stated :

The Most Important Relationship In Life Is The One You Have With Yourself

*I believe that 100% if you have a good relationship with yourself things will go a lot better*

Diane Von Furstenberg is the epitome of a lady that has amazing stories to tell and gives women someone to look up to, learn from and be inspired by her grace and all her successes.

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