I recently went to the Museum of Arts & Design with my friend Vince this weekend.  We saw some really great exhibitions one in regards to art influenced by African culture- THE GLOBAL AFRICA PROJECT.  This BMW is part of the their art car collection – where famous artists have created different cars such as Andy Warhol, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons and others.  This car was designed by Esther Mahlangu in 1991 who is famous for her painting and beading. 

These robes are by Serge Mounague

These headresses are by Meschac Gaba and are like a school bus

Not sure the artisan of this piece but it was a favorite –

the colors are beautiful

This is a Missioni inspired piece I love it

Cheryl Riley – I love arrows and anything inspired by Native American Indian Culture


a Nick Cave Sound Suit – I love his work

This piece was in a seperate exhibition but I loved it by Nophumzile Mangali

And I found this cool set that used the Keith Haring artwork

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