We have the opportunity to dress some really rad girls in our clients’ clothes as well as other designers we love on a regular basis.   One of our favorite collections is LIPSY LONDON since there is so much diversity within the collection. You can find it at Bloomingdales SoHo. 

Check out Mena Suvari at our HSUS event for CHEFS FOR SEALS last night in Lipsy London – we have done a few events with Mena – she is such an awesome girl and she was so great to come out and stand up for this issue last night – to find out more check out

Then we had the opportunity to send some dresses over for Snooki who has been to our office and we dressed for some other fun events and she wore Lipsy London on David Letterman as well.  I loved this dress because I thought it looks like a classic style with a twist and a fun pop of color. I think the color looked beautiful on her and she looked really beautiful.  This is another time she wore Lipsy too :

Another girl I think is super duper rad is Tori Spelling – I love her new book – it is so great – she was was on a bunch of television shows talking about it and she wore some Lipsy London dresses. She looked so beautiful in them. She is always so nice and she has such great energy.  The name of her book is PRESENTING TALLULAH – it is a very sweet book and eventhough a children’s book – a fun hostess gift. I love giving children’s books to people as gifts because it is something that brings us back sometimes to a very fun place in our lives for most people – laying down reading a children’s book – there is some nice comfort in that and this one has some really fun artwork.

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