Deepak Chopra is one awesome dude

I finally got to see and hear Deepak Chopra speak.  This was such an awesome night.  He spoke about his new book THE  SOUL OF LEADERSHIP at the Russian Tea Room.  He is so poised, so interesting and has so much information in his brain that it is amazing. People were asking questions and he had these amazing answers that seemed like he practiced the answers – so graceful and so interesting.  He is funny too.

Some things I learned were that the SOUL IS ETERNAL.

I also learned there are different kinds of suffering and it is healthy in a way to suffer because we figure things out and we learn so in a way we don’t suffer again – and there are different reasons why we suffer – they go from everything from self esteem issues to love issues etc.  I do agree we all suffer sometimes but the goal is to learn from hurt and mistakes and always try to be a better person.

He set up a website which I need to check out where he is looking to form an alliance of  100 million people say they want to become leaders in this world

It took him 8 years to write this book because of all the amazing research he conducted.  

So something I thought was very cool is when you look at the word LEADERS what can all the letters stand for:

L Look and Listen– What is your higher purpose – Template of what u want to create- Harnass collective creativity to manifest

E  Emotional bonding beyond emotional intelligence- Get in touch w emotions of others-Manage relationships
Emotional freedom stop the DRAMA – Emotional bond that others -think do they want to  be part of my vision part?

A Awareness of self and others -We always have needs once you have security- you want success- you want cooperation- you want love-Desires become bigger-be aware  

D Doing- action- being a role model for smart goals

What does SMART stand for —–

Stretch for more, Measurement, AR ( Agreement) and T is for doing things in a Timely way

E Empowerment-If u enjoy what u do-Be engaged emotional with what u do- U would rather be criticized then ignored. Notice your employees  strengths – Live up to core values

R Responsibility-Take leadership risk- Walks his or her talk – maintains good emotional spirtual health

S Sychronicity– good luck right place at right time.-State of grace -meaningful coincidences -Deeper levels of awareness everything is related

He said something like the SYMPHONY OF THE UNIVERSE that sounded so melodic

I have read a lot of Deepak Chopra books – I always learn so much from his books in general and about me. His books call for action and give you the opportunity to look inside yourself.  We can all be better, we can learn something exciting and new constantly and we can all find our purpose.  I believe we all have our purpose. 

I think mine is to be a good mom to some children one day I hope, to work hard, to create and to one day give money to children in Africa and to go to Kenya or other parts of Africa and help turn things around for that beautiful place.  I start by donating to Keep A Child Alive whenever I can – we can all give something to try to help Africa and other third world countries.

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