LAST SUPPER a vision by Peter Greenaway, Yoshitomo Nara, THE MOMA and the most important place to find inspiration: Church

Today was a “ME” day. Another day to keep the mind busy.

My first stop was THE ARMORY to see Leonardo’s Last Supper : A Vision by Peter Greenaway.  It is up through the 6th and I recommend everyone seeing this. It is one of those “must sees” like the Ashes & Snow show from like six years ago  ( one of my favorite exhibitions of all time and one of my favorite artists). 

The next stop was just a few blocks down to the Asia Society to see the last day of Yoshitomo Nara’s NOBODY’s FOOL.
I like that title and everything about this exhibition spoke to me a bit. He too is one of my favorite artists.  It was the first MAJOR exhibition of Nara’s art in NYC.  Some of his work is disturbing – a girl with a knife, a girl smoking etc.  The museum describes it as cute but meanacing.  He features children, animals and houses. 

This seems like a  child that is lonely maybe could she be our “inner child” – the cool part is that she might be sad at times but then this child has a message that shines thorugh – she is NOBODY’s FOOL – she has a one way ticket to the GALAXY OF STARS – she wants to pave her dreams and she holds a sign that says – “I WILL ROCK YOU”. 

Also in the exhibition is these little houses and doors – it was like look behind these doors and in this house at some of my work – I am a huge teepee and tree house fan so this was very intriguing to me. 

The other cool aspect of the exhibition was some of his collection of cool album covers – it was so neat to see some of the beautiful artwork. 

From there I went to the MOMA – they had some of the coolest exhibitions happening. I went to see the Warhol films but also saw ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM and the most incredible performance – Performance 9: Allora and Calzadilla.  Artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Caladilla cut a hole in a piano and the performer will stand in the hole and while moving the piano around the room will play Beethoven.  It is incredible to see and the music sounds so lovely.

First stop though was Paula Hayes Horticulture – this reminded me of my friend Jennifer Searle because she makes the coolest succlent gardens and I think all of this is so rad.

This was done by another artist and it is two magnetic strips between two fans and the fans cause this circular motion round and round and up and down – it creates these big spirals – it is super cool!

Then onto to see the WARHOL films – of course Edie was there – he captured a whole bunch of people as a screen test.
Then they also show different films including Kiss that he created of couples kissing. 

There were films of Dennis Hopper, Gino Piserchio, Susan Sontag, Lou Reed, Donyale Luna, Paul America and others

ON LINE is a really great exhibition to check out too and I saw the work of some new artists that I took notes on and look forward to looking up soon.

I especially liked Atsuko Tanaka – round on sand film from 1968  – Tanaka was a member of Gutai an experimental Japanese art group founded in 1954. She wore an electric dress in 1956 it had colored lightbulbs on it. She wore it to a performance – so very Lady Gaga of her.

Ranjani Shettar created  “Just a bit more two parallel lines” and used words alongside the work –  The materialization of abstraction. The slices slice. Instant defining a victim. Victim. The beginning of self portrait.


Everyone should join the MOMA – it isn’t that expensive and it is a great gift to yourself

Photos of Allora and Calzadilla’s piano performance







Then off to Anthropologie where I saw the coolest book written by the designer FLEURWOOD – so many great ideas. I want this book and I want to recreate everything in it – great ideas – angel wings behind chairs and clouds above.

Anthropologie really has some great inspirational books to help you find your “inner artist”

Then off to Church.  I haven’t really gone to Church “religously” since high school or freshmen year in College. I went to Catholic school but like everyone you get busy and you forget your roots.  I sat through the Gregorian Chants for a half hour which was beautiful and then experienced Mass. This church is beautiful and the priests are so wonderful and the sermon was so incredible.  It was the mass of “THE EPIPHANY”  which created an interesting story to tell. I was so excited because when Mass started they sang “We Three Kings” one of my favorite songs.  And then the sermon spoke about how the kings were on a JOURNEY to find the star and how they brought gifts to baby Jesus.   And what gifts do we bring? It was interesting because we ask Jesus, Mary, God, The Holy Spirit for help but what do we do for them?  It is all very interesting and if I wasn’t so tired I would chat more about it.  What we can do is be good humans and to try to be the best we can be and to help our neighbor.  We also need to believe in ourselves and know that sometimes it is ok to ask for help.

Beyond in the sermon the priest spoke about the song : Hallelujah is a Hebrew word meaning “Praise God”.

This is sort of ironic because this song is the song they are singing this week on General Hostipal when the big disaster happens – the bus crashed with some very important cast members – they have big disasters like once or twice a year on the show – like shoot outs or hostipal issues and this time it was a bus over the cliff.  We will find out on Monday what happens.

I digress.  I just thought it was interesting that they are singing this song and then the sermon was mainly about this song.

The song was originally sang by Leonard Cohen and since then had several famous musicians sing it including one of my favorites, Rufus Wainwright – supposedly he sang it in Shrek?  I have to see that movie one day. 

It is a beautiful song. It is about David who did all this good work but then also committed adultery.  He was good with evil – like a sinner and a saint. I assume we can all do evil but I think what we need to do is if we do “evil” ( such as hurt someone by saying mean things, lie, cheat, steal – whatever) then you need to try to reflect as soon as possible ask for forgiveness and try to make up for your sins.  We are all able to forgive and we are all able to love. 


The mass at The Basilica of St Patrick’s Old Cathedral is really beautiful and if every sermon is as good as tonight it will make you think and reflect. 

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