All I Want for Christmas

I left work and + I was walking by Urban Outfitters and went in to get a gift for my Kris Kringle when I saw –
My Christmas Tree.
I promised myself I would have a Christmas tree. I didn’t have one for the last few years so I said this year I would have one. Christmas and the tree situation didn’t turn out the way I hoped but I decided why ruin it. And when I saw this tree I knew I had to do it – it is blue and glittery and has spunk and a cool blue base and its faux so I don’t have to worry about needles falling everywhere right now and it is small.
I love my ornaments so much. They all have special meaning. My mother + father bought me a few. I have two Kappa Kappa Gamma ornaments. I have a ice ski girl. I have a little girl. My friends forever teddy bear ornament is from my friend Lisa. I have a Santa from my friend Nicole. I have a butterfly from my Godmother, Vickie. I have a few ornaments I bought for myself including elephants that look just like my tattoo. Ha. And I have a very special ornament that is super old from my grandma. To make it really exciting I have a cabbage patch kid statue too where they are hanging out with their Christmas tree. See I am a kid at heart and I love being jolly. The last few weeks I think I lost sight of that but tonight for a good hour I sat here and found self – joy. All you can do is believe God knows your path and you need to have faith and put your chin up. I have definitely been putting my chin down but that stopped at 9:25 tonight December 14th. I have nothing to put my chin down for – I am happy, healthy, have a ton of friends, have a company and clients I love working for, amazing parents, the coolest family, a dog that loves me, and I have myself. For now I need to stay strong, smile and enjoy the treasures God gives me – such as finding my little gaga tree and having such beautiful ornaments and memories.

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