LEARN TO LOVE ME ASSEMBLE THE WAYS – a line from a very brillant song.
Its true sometimes we can’t just love someone – love isn’t easy – and sometimes we just need to learn how to truly love the people we were put here to love.

I have joined the Oprah game way late – holy moly. It used to drive me crazy that people taped her and lived by everything she said now I know why they do.  She is awesome!

Tonight she had the Judds on and wow it hit a spot. Watch this episode — it talks about Self – Love, betrayal, loving others and your heart.

Open your heart and let Love in – it can make your life fuller!

Listen this song – it is beautiful – it is about opening your heart.


I just want to take the time now to say I am thankful for a lot of people in my life I am so lucky to have them.

My mom – is the best mom on the planet and I love her so much. I know I drive her crazy sometimes but she is my rock.

My dad – is the best dad on the planet. Right now he is going through some health situations so please pray for him. But he is strong, hardworking, steadfast and funny as anyone.

My brothers & my sister in law Kathie ( who taught me how to cook certain of my fav dishes + shop with a purpose) because they are groovy + they always made me feel special  

My nephews because they are awesome to the max

My aunts, uncles, cousins and Godmothers – they are all amazing, funny, and loving

Kerri – for always trying to protect me and not always be in my dreamland but offering me different ways to think about things and really being someone I can always count on and being my friend for forever and ever and ever

Kathryn- for being one of the coolest best friends a girl can ask for and having the most beautiful girls on the planet – holy moly and for always making me laugh – so many memories. I could go on and on

Laura – for being a voice of reason and just so smart and graceful and poised. You are the woman I strive to be. I am very lucky to have you in my corner.

Lisa – you are one of the most graceful, big hearted people I know.  You are like the sunshine always making everyone smile. You have the most beautiful children and you are so creative and talented. You are an awesome friend always watching out for me. Zumba !

Reshma – for being the coolest partner in the world and for always listening to me and for letting me make mistakes and choices and for being the “yellow” I am sometimes and for creating the best company to work for with me

Nicole – for being so smart and wise and awesome – for always making me laugh and cheering me up and for giving me such an incredible Godson

Gilda – for being so strong and bold and for making a difference in so many children’s lives and for being an awesome mom to an awesome little lady

Yeohlee – for making me the professional I am and for just always putting a smile on my face by teaching me so much everytime I see you on music, books, artists or nomads

Vickie, Joe, Jason, Ginalyn – to being a 2nd family to me and always showing me love, courage and positive thinking. You are the strongest family I know and one of the ones I love the most.

Madeline -for listening and teaching me how to be a woman with grace and how to keep calm and carry on and to enjoy life and how to take care of yourself – you always are so well dressed and carry yourself so well

Amanda – for being such an inspirational lady who will make all her dreams come true and who is smart and full of so much life

Kara – for always being there for me and giving me amazing advice and watching out for me and also being one of the most talented designers out there with really great ideas and you have the biggest heart and you are look good in everything  

Brian – for standing by me for so long and caring and watching out for me and for getting me to this point in my life – although we are not together anymore I wish you love and hope and just everything positive. We will always be friends. I believe God has a new plan for us to take what we learn and to continue to learn and to move forward into a new book of our lives.

For all the ladies at THINK PR for being the brightest bunch in town – everyone is so awesome and special and I learn from every single person I work with

Amin – for being a great trainer and kicking my butt and making me feel like I am strong when I need to be strong

Chris – for being a therapist to each other – chatting about work and other stuff – we have some very interesting banter back and forth. 

Matt & Jerritt – thanks for always being a blast – so much fun – and letting me have such wonderful memories in my favorite city, New York.

For all my dude friends from college you helped me throughout college and protected me and I will always be thankful for that – we might always see eye to eye Mike & Brett but you know you are like brothers to me and I will always be thankful to you and everyone else that has been there for me when I need them to be

For all my friends growing up – Kerry, AnnMarie, Joy, Lisa,Allison, Lori, Jeanine, Staci, Katie, Patrice, Melissa – for being the best girlfriends ever and I hope we get to hang soon

Gerard & Christina – you both crack me up – thanks for coming to my birthday party and being you – you are the funniest couple out there

Maya – you are such an awesome girl – and I have so much to learn from you and our friendship

Melissa – you are always so happy and you are a great listener and super fun to be around

Jen Olayon – I was just looking at the book you gave me today – you are such an awesome person with the biggest heart – I would love to hang out more

Francesco – for always checking on me – although we don’t go out and party – know your words help when I need them

Josh – I have learned a ton from you and I value all our times and memories together and I only wish you happiness and joy

Lauren – to my new found buddy – thanks for your help and look forward to fun times – yoga!! You always put a smile on my face and you are one of the most bad ass vintage wearers in town  

Danny -for getting to understand how they can make a difference by making a difference and teaching me good ethics and always being a blast to be around

Bridget – for being the world traveler I inspire to be, for making me smile and introducing me soon to something I think I will really enjoy

Peter  – for being a wise soul and just so creative and inspiring

Vince – for being someone I am looking forward to Sundays with and for having the voice of an angel

Pam & Dawn – for putting a smile on my face and helping me out when I was sad.  You made me know that I did have establish a bond with a family – you are both so kind and so awesome and I thank you

There are so many more but it is 11:30pm and past my bed time so I need to wake up and go to work – I am sure I forgot someone so I will edit and add tomorrow – I love everyone who has touched me. 

I strive to be a better person. I strive to understand the people I love. I strive to give back to the people I love. 

This is a good time to tell people you care about them – it is the holidays and we are going into a New Year. 

Embrace Life, Love, and when there are hardships and worries embrace them and figure out how to make things better.

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