One of my favorite costumes I ever was — a girl scout in college – I remember dressing up like a girl scout and our troop leader was this guy Gin from TKE and we went to this really fun party at the TKE fraternity house. I had braids and thick glasses and I really had a fun night !

Taking a step away from college – this past week  I went to see Pee Wee Herman – so good so funny – you have to check it out! Right after the show I saw my first costume sighting SPIDER MAN but I think this guy dresses like everyday is HALLOWEEN ! That night I went to an awesome girl’s birthday, Adrienne Baillon – it was a fun time at SL. 

So JOONBUG.com hosted a party at PIER 92 and I attended with the THINK Girls — I was Queen of Hearts – Lauren was a Zombie Nurse and Bailey a bed bug.  JOONBUG had over 5,000 guests there and so many fun costumes.

And Tracey was an awesome girl scout with a ton of badges – those are her badges at the top of this post ! She was a great girl scout !


And this ballerina on point toe stilts it looked like was super duper amazing and impressive !

Ok there will be more from Halloween because on the actual day I went to visit a very special lady — Who dressed up like Lucy — she was AWESOME – so much spirit and it was a great day – we walked all over and visited some beautiful sites upstate and then went to a farm and gave out candy to trick – or – treaters and even learned how to make homemade pasta – awaiting some photos – but will add that soon !

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