We just helped organize the LIPSY LONDON launch at the SoHo Bloomingdales.  Lipsy has the best dresses, jackets and faux fur ! I love that they use faux fur because of my work with The Humane Society of the United States.  Through this event, I got the opportunity to meet Stephanie Pratt – who is not only beautiful but super nice.  She looked amazing in the dresses.  We chatted about fashion, music and what we watch on TV. I admitted to her that I am in love with General Hostipal! Its true, I have been watching General Hostipal for 20 something years so it is a constant in my life besides my parents so I love just knowing it is there.

I also got to meet Rajni too who works at Nylon – what a super rad girl with an awesome library of music – I hope she djs a lot more of our events – she has a great spirit.  I love NYLON magazine. Marvin Scott Jarrett is a genius and every issue there are a million inspiration pages I rip out ! One of my favorite companies was involved as well – Vitamin Water – I love the new Vitamin Water Zero – it is so good holy moly! Ok here are some photos from the event:

The jacket & dress Stephanie is wearing is Lipsy London and the boots Musette – so awesome

And one of my favorite people to see at an event is Lenay Dunn – she is always smiling and so much fun to be around – watch her show on MTV – she is a super cool girl !

And Keisha White came to the event to bring some UK spirit !

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