I love London – I have traveled there and had some wonderful experiences there. I did the “There is Big Ben” around and around on a London bus, I visited all the beautiful sites, I went shopping at all the incredible stores from Bluebird and House of Fraser. I went to London several times so far and a few times for a client we helped launched in the US – Radley. Radley is a charming handbag collection that sells to Lord & Taylor and several other stores across the country.  About six months ago, we started working with this awesome company based in London.  Everyone loves LIPSY. The dresses are so great and individual and just an amazing fit.  We have dressed a lot of super cool actors & musicians in the brand during fashion week.

Anyway I would love if you wanted to check out the brand this Thursday at Bloomingdales we are having an event.  Join us ! And super cool girl, Stephanie Pratt is going to be attending – she too is a fan of the brand. I love her style and super excited that she is going to be a part of this event!

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