An epic & fun collaboration

I love collaborations and working and learning from others.  Even at THINK, I am so excited that I work with my partner, Reshma Patel.  We are similiar but then we are so different in other ways.  We learn from each other – well I definitely learn from her and I hope she learns from me.  We share and we care and we have I hope made some great things happen over the last nine years.  This is the biggest collaboration of my life so far that has been successful.
But why did I post a photo of Ciara and Kylie in the dresses I created with my friend, Danny Roberts?  Because this was a recent colloboration we worked on for the Caravan fashion show for Starbucks Frappuccino ( a company I hope to work a lot more with) and the dresses came out beautifully and the girls looked amazing.  Danny dreamt these dresses up and sketched them and I just produced them. He is a creative genius and so humble and so amazing. I have a respect for a lot of people and I have super respect to the 100th power to Danny Roberts. He is so talented and his mind works so quickly and what he creates has emotion and movement and everything amazing artwork should have behind it.  Please visit his blog and google him and enjoy his work. Photo above is by Danny Roberts.


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