There are so many amazing things I can say about Yeohlee Teng.
She is my mentor + one of my heroes. My first real job out of school was at YEOHLEE INC. I learned the essence of public relations ( as a job ), picked up some writing and administrative assistant skills.  I worked there for a couple of years so I grew up in the ranks I went from public relations assistant to public relations director with an assistant and I also at one point handled some accounts and traveled around the country conducting clinics.  Yeohlee also let me help her prepare her book she published and I traveled with her to Europe for her exhibition with Dr. Kenneth Yeang.  At THINK, we have the opportunity to work with Yeohlee still and I feel this is one of the best gifts to my team here at THINK because I get to share this gem of a person with all of them.  She has touched everyone here and we are so proud and honored that she lets us watch her work up close.
On Tuesday night, she opened her store – everything is one space – her store, her sewing & cutting room, her office and her archives. Joerg Schwartz took this raw space and transformed it into an unique space that has amazing energy in less then two months time.  It is also a symbol to show that glamour can exist in the Garment Center – this is the first designer free standing store and it is a symbol of all that these amazing designers and creatives are trying to do with the program.  Stop by her store at 25 W 38th between 5th & 6th. For opening night, we all enjoyed the wonderful rice dishes that wer so gratefully provided by Malaysian Kitchen. It was yummy + such a nice tie in with Yeohlee’s Malaysian heritage.  Check out the store and look up this amazing woman and fashion genius.

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