During fashion week, Starbucks Frappuccino gave me a huge opportunity and allowed me to showcase my collection at STYLE 360. This is a tremendous opportunity put together by the publishers of ELLE, and Elle has always been supportive of Caravan both when I created Caravan mobile + Caravan Great Jones street they published stories in my favorite section, GLOBAL NEWS.  When asked to be a part of STYLE 360 I enlisted the help of two of my favorite designer friends – Stacy from Boy Meets Girl and Kara from bobi.  We showed three collections … boy meets girls, bobi, and then Caravan.

The theme of the show was “EXPRESS YOUR LOVE” a tagline from Starbucks Frappuccino. My collection consisted of roses and fuschia colors and concluded with two dresses dreamt up by Danny Roberts from igor + andre.  Here are some photos and articles:

The above picture is a photo of bobi‘s collection from the runway show and below is one from boy meets girl’s collection

This was my run of show :

1)      Caravangirl logo tank dress being modeled by Michelle with Varda shoes + wearing Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN

2)      Caravangirl Starbucks Frappuccino inspired dress modeled by Lenay Dunn + wearing ELLE jewelry  – google her – she has the raddest videos

3)      Caravangirl pink flower dress by Daniela with Varda shoes +wearing Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN

4)      Caravangirl flower dress Alpha modeled by Sarah Marince  + wearing ELLE jewelry

5)      Caravangirl flower dress Beta by Meki with Varda shoes+ wearing ELLE jewelry ( MEKI is a rad model who has been in all 3 of the CARAVAN fashion shows )

6)      Caravangirl flower dress Gamma modeled by Wynter Gordon +wearing ELLE jewelry – Wynter is an amazing performer !!

7)      Caravangirl mint wrap dress by Jessica with Varda shoes + wearing Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN

8)      Caravangirl green wrap dress modeled by Shontelle + wearing Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN – I LOVE SHONTELLE and her music – she is amazoid

9)      Caravangirl diamonds dress modeled by Angelina and walking

BRODY – that is right Angelina  – a fellow Staten Islander currently on THE JERSEY SHORE… I am proud I am from Brooklyn and then went to high school in Staten Island + Angelina is a very cool girl… she decided last minute to walk in the show and we found a dress from last season’s collection but I loved her attitude and I think she had fun and I know we were happy that she was a part of it

10)  Caravangirl white flower dress modeled by Dania Ramirez – she is awesome, beautiful and I think she had a lot of fun for her first runway experience – I was psyched to have her in the fashion show !!

11)  Caravangirl white long dress modeled  by Keisha White with Varda shoes + Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN – a new performer from UK – watch out for her music stateside

12)  Caravangirl “ROSE” dress “dreamed up” by Danny Roberts of modeled by Chiara with Varda shoes + Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN

Caravangirl “ROSE” dress “dreamed up” by Danny Roberts of modeled by Kylie Bisutti + wearing ELLE

The look I was going for was this old school really feminine look with interesting shaped buns that sat on top of the head and clean glowing makeup with a pretty pink lip paired with just beautiful jewelry and the shoes I adored… for some of the dresses we used these pretty ALDO silver shoes with fabric roses – they were just sweet and easy for the girls to walk in and then we worked with VARDA ( who has incredible shoes) and paired a number of the dresses with this really beautiful feminine shoe.

Some photos before the show from backstage : That is Dania & Roxy from Red Carpet Roxy who interviews everyone for STYLE 360 – she is an awesome lady

More photos from after the fashion show:


Ramona Singer from Real Housewives of NYC did all the jewelry her – it is her jewelry line from HSN and then we also worked with ELLE jewelry. It was a mix of beautiful diamonds from Ramona’s collection and then affordable standout pieces from Elle jewelry. It was a nice mix.


Debra Cox came to the show – she was so nice and so beautiful – I loved her outfit

And Chris Riggi from Vampire Sucks came out to support Caravan too

Very amazing was that NEON TREES performed AHHHHH!!!! I was so psyched !! I love them !!! I love their style, their sound, EVERYTHING!

I was so happy to have Starbucks Frappuccino on board because they are delicious and I just love the branding of Starbucks – so I thank them again.

This show wouldn’t be possible without a whole bunch of people :

Special Thanks to: MODERN WOMAN IN BROOKLYN NY, Kathie Young, Raffaella DeSola and Michael DeSola, the team at THINK CREATIVE with a special thanks to Tracey Manner who helped with models + production, Lauren Larkin who coordinated all press efforts. Shoes by Varda and Ramona Singer jewelry for HSN + ELLE jewelry NEON TREES performance at the show + Josh Madden curation of music at the show + Susan Sidor and the whole A – List Communications team for producing the show + all the beautiful models.One other thing I think is super cool is that my friend, Daniella Brodsky gave my audience a sneak peek at her new book,VIVIAN RISING toot too so awesome !

 Check out :

More to come but here was a little look at the CARAVAN fashion show!

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