A rad girl named Amy has a rad garden… I found this beautiful flower there it became the inspiration for my fashion show

I love my sneakers

This is so yummy they use moroccan mint wow

Yes I witnessed these sunsets recently

Making clothes buying fabric galore

Nothing like hanging with one of besties, Laura

Laying out all the fabric for the show – see Roses galore!

Printed caravangirl on fabric making me a rad dress.

Saw my friends Chris + Gerard super rad

Sir Brody on his elephant

Corinthos going for a walk on the streets of NYC – he loves it – so proud of the lil guy

So my buddy, samuelle green is going to create a moroccan bazaar at THE SKY ROOM a store in the sky…up 400 ft for Fashion Night Out … Here are her notes… Girl is a genius

Some fabric Samuelle is using for the Moroccan bazaar she is creating at SKY ROOM for THE FASHION NIGHT OUT event – look at last post for invite

Fabric for the pop up store in the sky

My buddy at Royal Fabric

I love this fabric

I checked out the US OPEN. 

My awesome tshirt from the US OPEN

Photos from The Rescue Paws exhibit at the W TIMES SQUARE

A few weeks ago we had this awesome SPUN party at THE FOUNDATION and another one of my favorite dudes, Jerritt took some awesome photos I love this fun pic of me

I believe that same week my best friend, Kerri’s brother took some pics of us and separately of me – his name is Derek Johnson

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