Bread + Butter Berlin, Germany 2010

I have seriously met close to 400 + people in last two days at the largest fashion trade show in the world.  The group who organizes Bread + Butter is one impressive team… It is organized, visually stimulating and cool.   They thought of everything and I believe they inspired a majority of brands to be the best they can be since people around the globe are here to see, learn, order and give feedback!

I came to check out the show for a couple of reasons:

A. To cover it for my and  I have been able to write about rad people and rad happenings… Deepak Chopra, Blake from Toms Shoes, What Goes Around Comes Around vintage, Coachella, etc.

B. To cover it for my blog – this one –

C. To see what trends, colloborations, new collections etc are out there

D.  To look for new international collections that I need to know about

E. To meet people in my field of business and see how amazing this trade show is

F. To visit with my clients from THINK PR

G. To hang out in Berlin + observe what is happening in this city

So who am I if I gave you my card and your visiting my site for the first time…

1. I am the writer behind – a blog I created to track my events I organize and dj, the events THINK PR organizes, things I attend such as parties and exhibits, things I love and just my general life… It gives me the opportunity to share what is happening with my life + also tell you about cool things I saw along the way- bands, films, artists, djs, etc.

2.  I have written for other blogs such as,,

3. I find new talent for colloborations and fashion show events such as STYLE 360 which we help create the schedule for… Style 360 occurs during fashion week and are the fashion shows that Elle and created… It is our job to help find the designers that participate. I am always on the search for new talent … In the last year I got designers such as Rebecca Minkoff, Geren Ford, Walter and many others to participate

4. I work with a lot of young talent to find them clothing for red carpet events and photo shoots to get an idea visit to see just some of the names that visited me over the last two years.  You will see I am lucky for it to include cast members from Glee, Gossip Girls, 90210 etc. I am always searching for the coolest contemporary designers to dress the talent for events + shoots

5. I am Reshma Patel’s from THINK PRs partner – we work with a lot of brands at Bread + Butter such as Bensimon, Junk Food, bobi, 80%20 and a few others… Visit us at

6. I organize events and fashion shows and I dj

7. Lastly –  for all the street brands… We are organizing an event in NYC called traction with some of the coolest brands… we will be sending out info soon

TRACTION is an innovative event series that celebrates the sneaker culture as a whole, providing a venue to not only buy and sell, but to connect directly with influencers and consumers in an open and unique environment.  An ever-expanding forum, TRACTION aims to bring together creative and pioneering minds in fashion, music and art.

Why the name Caravan +

Because in 2005 I launched a business called Caravan which was a store in a winneabago and it drove around the city and sold the coolest collections such as Tokidoki, J lindeberg, Merc and about 50 collections from around the globe. I love finding new talent and supporting really good corporations.  About a year later I opened an actual store on Great Jones and sold about 100 collections everything from Rebecca Taylor to Edun to Genetic Denim.

About a year after that I opened a store on the UES and for over 3 years almost 4 I ran a mobile store and 2 stores.  It was hard because I had all my other responsibilities so I slowly closed Caravan as a store but it exists today as a studio where I still wardrobe talent and recently during upfronts worked with 40 actors from different television series. Visit for some more info.

I love clothes. I love people’s personal style. When I return on the 19th I will start posting all my photos from Bread + Butter and my other travels. In the meantime google some of the rad labels I hung out with…. This is a fifth of the people I met…so much more to come..

LoveHelmets… … Brillant


I love tokidoki


****Canterbury of New Zealand

***Scholl dying !!! So good

Eleven Paris

Some of the new Clarks

I am loving G-Star Raw… Amazoid!!

Over 130 years old scottish brand…

Dying over sebago all the amazing colloborations!!! Wow!!!!

Melissa and the colloboration with some of my favorite industrial designers… Wow…

Met the brillant guru behind Smiley… Franklin Loufrani is the guru… It just makes me smile…

Oh and this is brillant everyone was loving … Plastic Playground.. Play with legos…

There is tons more. Holy!!! I will post photos, trends, info galore on my return…

Here are some general photos.. Just some quick shots on my phone…much better photos to come!!

Twitter claudinedesola

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