Pacha. Fireworks.

I had an awesome weekend… I had lots of awesome times but one of my favorites was a visit to the dog park… It was an official New York dog park and I could have stayed for hours… I felt like an outsider for a second because I didn’t have a dog but once I got adjusted it was so awesome… So much to look at and everyone was so nice and it was just pleasant.  All I need in life is relaxing and enjoyable times. I love going to nice restaurants and travelling but I think the perfect moments are those times you can just sigh with happiness and content.

So Saturday I go there and then I went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Faustina at the Cooper Square Hotel, the staff is so nice and the food is yummy!

I went to sleep and woke up at 4am to go see Michael Meds dj at Pacha at 5am.. He was amazing. I could cry. When you see a buddy do something that they love and everyone around them loves it and is jumping and screaming… That is when you know things are right.  Michael Meds is super talented, super rad, and super nice and I am lucky to know him… going to Pacha reminded me of my “Limelight” “Tunnel” days.. working for the man behind those places, Peter Gatien booking events gaining PR… Doing cool things like Bid for Kids and meeting amazing friends I have today such as … Sorin, Michael, and Maya.. That was the best part.  So many fun nights… Richie Rich working the door… That experience made me who I am… late nights, loud music, djs, fashion shows, tons of people and the build up… I love when the song builds up and everyone goes crazy in unison… That is an awesome feeling !! And I can’t imagine what it feels like for the djs… That was my first trip to Pacha NYC but I have gone to Pacha Ibiza a few times and I think Pacha as a brand is brillant.  I love Dave Guetta and Bob Sinclair and so happy I had the opportunity to se them at Pacha Ibiza…. Oh some photos from Pacha NYC. So funny there was a super hero theme… Michael Meds wore a batman mask.. It was legit.


Oh I went in when it was dark..

I came out when the sun rose

I felt like I really did Pacha if I walked out when the sun was coming up!!!

Then Sunday, 4th of July I hung out with a few of friends at my pool + went to see the fireworks … Here are some photos..

 I am travelling for Bread + Butter and then seeing the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin off to Morrocco and then Paris and to the beach town Gabrielle Coco Chanel opened her first store….

Very excited… Might not be able to blog from road but will tweet so check me out at twitter claudinedesola.

 Remember support friends with talent… We must be there for each other !

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