Another week of SPUN – check it out every Tuesday at THE FOUNDATION at 137 ESSEX STREET off Rivington – you have the opportunity to go behind the dj booth and learn how to dj for 15 minutes or if you are learning how to be a dj – try out your skills for 15 minutes. The party starts at 9pm and the open djing is from 10:00 – 11:30 every Tuesday night.  The party goes on after that. Bring friends and have fun – everything you need is provided.

Charles Thorp wrote an awesome review of the party and explains how it works here:–96978004.html

I am so excited because my friends have been coming to visit me on Tuesday to check the party out and my best friend, Kerri and her boyfriend Mark came out …. Here are some photos from the last two weeks’ parties of SPUN.

Last week, I was in Los Angeles flew out with my buddy, Josh, we were supposed to dj a party for my client, bobi and Keep A Child Alive but we arrived and unfortunately the sound system had some serious technical difficulties and there was no sound – so we both had our first silent dj set.  I knew what I wanted to play but I never got to play it. The funny part is that my friend, Brandon Barash, from General Hostipal was all set up to play the harmonica while I played ‘Janglin by one of my favorite bands – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes but it never happened. My buddy Danny & David Roberts stopped by to support and Julie from PJ Salvage ( the most amazing pjs in the world) and my one of my favorite favs, Amanda Macnaughton ( from CultureJam).  Kara Lusardi, the designer of bobi, is brilliant – her clothes are just super wearable, well designed and great for traveling.  Here are some photos from the party. She raised over $5,000 in 2 hours selling samples for $20 each and all the money – all proceeds went to Keep A Child Alive – an organization where you see the results. They are making change happen and they are giving Africa and other third world countries a better future.  Leigh Blake is one of my heroes and everyone that works at KCA is awesome. I love talking to them and I wish I could do more with them.

So then Grace, Jen & I went for a ride


To check out the Café Habana Outpost which = good food and amazing atmosphere – everything from the décor to the Shepard Fairey original on the wall … check out some photos of the café, the surrounding stores, and our trip to some of the stores including JUICY COUTURE ( which is such a cute little shop – we went in because my friend AMANDA’s face graces one of the t-shirts there – we all had to get one … my friend Jen & her took a photo in a photo booth and the designer liked the image they used it for one of the shirts they sell – it is adorable!) … FREE CITY…. James Pearse

The next day I met up with my buddy, Peter James Lee, we had some talks about life + then we chatted a bit about “how to incorporate new talent into the garment industry” meaning sewers, pattern makers etc… to learn more visit

PJL is just an awesome dude – full of ideas, super creative, super fun, and a huge heart.  My friend, Josh, introduced me to him and I am very lucky to have them both in my life.
Check out his blog at – not only is he an amazing designer, creative direction, trend watcher, trend setter… he also takes amazing photos and just has an eye of wonder and coolness….

After that I was like Jen & Josh we gotta go to the Cobrasnake store… and so glad we did… I picked up some awesome books and we got to hang out with all the guys that make it happen including this awesome store/ gallery… I found myself a cool vest and picked up some books…. And we just hung out and chatted with the guys for a while.. so glad I popped by – if you don’t know about Cobrasnake – google … we are lucky to be in 2010 and to have talent like this surrounding us.

Speaking of talent, I encountered some really sad news last week when I opened my Sunday Styles to see the world and many people close to him, lost Tobias Wong.  He was a genius.  I was able to work with him during our time working with Felissimo and I knew from the day I met him he was a stand out artist/designer.  He had an eye and a mind that created just really smart items.  He always put a smile on my face and in his presence I always knew I was with someone brilliant.  The last time I saw him, I asked him about these matches he made using a play on the Chanel logo. I wanted to get some for my buddy, Josh for his birthday since he has a Chanel tattoo and has an admiration for Gabrielle Coco Chanel and Karl etc… and Tobias was so happy I asked about them and gave me a few – I remember I asked if they were signed and he was so sweet about the whole thing. I wanted to pay him and he said don’t worry about it… and he had such a big smile that day.  He was always so kind, so lovely, so interesting and just an awesome person. If you never saw Tobias Wong’s work at one of the many museum shops or at Felissimo etc you should google him.

What I took away from reading the article and feeling so bad for all the people that loved him was that you never know what is going to happen in life. We are all on a journey of life and we don’t have control over it sometime. I had some serious suprises this year and nothing is set in stone… but you just need to take each day as it comes… you need to enjoy life and enjoy the people who make you feel good … go after what you want…. Run instead of walking sometime…. Don’t be lazy… Voice your opinion try to make your dreams come true and love with all your heart.  Your heart will get broken sometime – it just happens but sometimes it doesn’t and it feels really great to love your family and your friends and to be loved back.

The other thing I learned is to support talent – don’t be afraid of it. If you have a talent or hobby – dedicate time to it.  Support your friends who have specific talents and encourage them to explore their skills.  And support TALENT… support the arts … dance, music, art, etc… all forms of it and when you find people who inspire you – embrace it and tell them.  I think Tobias knew I was wowed by his talent that day I saw him for the matchbooks – I hope so… I hope that every artist I notice that inspires me realizes that they inspired me. Art is all around us we need to embrace it and share it with others.

Oh right before that we went to the RON GALELLA exhibit at the CLIC GALLERY – he is amazing – check out SMASH THE CAMERA ON HBO.

It is funny because I was a new wave /alternative / classic rock … with a little NKOTB and Bon Jovi girl growing up and now I love indie rock and a mix of global and electronic music… a very small part of me appreciates House music because of my times in Ibiza… I would say I have eclectic taste.. I have been to Heavy Metal shows but I never really loved them but I am gaining a bit of an appreciation in punk music… Substratus I would say is a punk band… and it is funny because on the way home from LA, Josh gave me a dvd of THE CLASH.  Mind you that THE CLASH were the coolest dressers ever… they made their own clothes… I watched the dvd and would rewind here and there to see some of their jump suits and painted shirts and jackets and just how they wore their clothes…I have on some of my trips to LA and abroad watched about 3 or 4 documentaries and films on PUNK music and I do have an appreciation for it now and I enjoy it.

After the show we walked by THE CARAVAN OF DREAMS… one of the yummiest restaurants in the city – check it out – so good !

Last night I winded up walking by this little mini gallery for “bike clothing” on Bowery – they have a Caravan in the back and just some really cool décor – the space has a great vibe and check it out if you are near Gemma or the John Varvatos store it is the other side of the street off Great Jones on Bowery.

Well Happy Fourth of July and I won’t be writing in possibly for a little bit because I am off to the Bread and Butter show in Berlin next week and to see some of the Mercedes Benz fashion shows and then going to Morrocco and Paris and Normandy.  I am very excited about my trip but definitely going to miss NYC and ice cream at Lulas.

Oh last thing!!! My father recently reminded me besides being my hero that he was a hero once for someone on their wedding day — he was driving and saw a car with a BRIDE stuck along the side of the road – and he pulled over and indeed the bride was going to be late to the wedding so he drove them…. the local newspapers covered the story … check it out ….

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