So I went to see the movie about Coco & Igor …

See Coco + Igor… I love the styling + the interior design elements of this film. I love Gabrielle Coco Chanel.. I wish she was still alive. It would be my goal to meet her but since that can’t happen…. I just want to learn as much as possible about her and her style.

During the week I also … ate ice cream, watched Empire Records, met OO…

Find O Os work on West Broadway.. 2,500 famous peoples faces… Crazy!!!

Addicted to this ice cream!!! Holy moly..

I have dreams about this Jill Stuart jumpsuit but trying to save money

A Big Thank You to everyone that rocks in my life.

I LOVE MY JOB DO YOU?  I am lucky to work with the awesome other half of THINK PR, Reshma and tons of cool people … very lucky

If you never saw Empire Records check it out… This movie cracks me up

Seeing everywhere and loving these – LOVE ME –  I LOVE LOVE

And then the next day I saw some friends who I haven’t seen in a while including my friend, Laura, and then I watched the end of the World Cup USA vs ENGLAND and then saw my buddy Lisa and hung out with her and her kids… so much fun. I also witnessed the annual Hare Krishna Parade right near my apartment. The colors and the dancing were beautiful and for some reason I found this to be a true NYC melting pot experience of cultures and religions coming together and enjoying the music and dancing.  It ended in Washington Square Park and people were still dancing and having FUN!

The next day I went to GOVERNERS ISLAND – you just go to Battery Park (near the Staten Island Ferry) and you pick it up – it is not even a ten min ferry ride and you are there and it is FREE… I went there to see the FIGMENT art exhibition. It was a bit like “Burning Man” I expect but I saw some cool pieces… here are some photos. My personal favorite was the WISH TREE… it is amazing to see what was wished for – I want to be a superhero, to be a mom, to be a princess… it was very special … my favorite was one said ROSE … my Grandmother’s name and my middle name.. it was like a mini sign.  I liked the fact that ETSY was there because they were selling goods from new artists which was really smart- I hope it was successful for them. You can find out more at

On Tuesday we hosted our first LEARN HOW TO DJ PARTY called SPUN at THE FOUNDATION – hosted along with — I taught some people how to dj along with this really cool dj… Here is the invite for this week… somone I adore is hosting it… MICAH JESSE – if you haven’t checked out –  He is kind, stylish, funny, intelligent, and AWESOME.

I love this invite and here are some pics.

Some pics are photo credited from my friend Jason and the others from my friend Robbie.

We will be having more of these dj parties and I am super excited.

I met these kids that just graduated from Marist – I have to say they had the best musical taste all night and I was so excited that they went to my alma mater.  One of them has a really well visually inspiring blog – – definitely check it out.  They are going to host one of the Tuesday night parties at THE FOUNDATION – super excited.

And then I went to see an incredible film called I AM LOVE with someone who I admire so much, Waris Ahluwalia  – he is the founder of HOUSE OF WARIS, an incredible jewelry collection sold at incredible stores like Colette and he has appeared in amazing films and he is just a creative genius. He is also so kind and nice and we didn’t get to talk at the premiere but we spoke at the CFDA after party and he is just really incredible. Also, in the movie is Tilda Swinton, who is amazing and was perfectly cast for her role. If you can see this movie please go and see it – the cinematography is incredible, it is filmed in ITALY, and the music and styling is incredible as well.  I loved every moment of this film.


After the film, I ventured finally to ABC KITCHEN – which was an incredible visual experience – it is a beautiful restaurant and the food is really great as well and the menu is exciting.  You should definitely check it out. I was able to catch up with a good friend, Jen and it was a great night.

Next week I am in Los Angeles to dj this event for Keep A Child Alive and Bobi with my buddy Josh Madden and I hear my buddy, Brandon Barash might stop by and play the harmonica for me… this kid is another genius – amazing actor, photographer, singer, harmonica player and philanthropist and just a good guy.

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