Ohio, Family, Nephews, Baseball, Graduation, Life Lessons, New Finds and and Wigging Out …

Just about to eat some artichoke pizza and wanting to tell you about my last week….. Fun times!!! Tonight I am going to see Conan

I love Hammocks… and I love this Quicksilver jumper

I love after a journey the feeling of landing and getting in a taxi and knowing you will be home again… I love travelling but I also like my own bed and shower sometimes.

I have been eating at Le Pain Quotidien a lot lately.  I love the quinoa and they had a special “CHERRY green tea”. This place is genius!

I used to work for Peter Gatien with a bunch of my buddies… Maya, Michael James and Sorin…. I know the Limelight well.. I danced the night away there and for a lil while I organized parties on Thursday nights … Today it has been turned into a gallery of little shops.  You have to check it out on 21st and 6th.  There is a sweet little childrens’ book booth, Hunter boots, Ralph Lauren, a jewelry area, but the best part is the treats….

I never realized how beautiful the stain glass was at the Limelight

There is a ring shop at the Limelight shop… I love this ring ….

After I left I found this chocolate shop right there in flatiron area… This is right next to Craftwich’ Dinner … Two great finds.

An interesting tattoo

So in one weekend I flew on Thursday to go to Hawaii stayed Friday and Saturday and went to a ” WIG OUT ” party that my buddy Jesse Marco and DJ Jazzy Jeff djed and wore a long wig…

 After Hawaii this past weekend again Thursday – Sunday we took an old fashioned road trip to Ohio…. My brother drove 8 – 9 hours to Bowling Green, Ohio… and along the way we made some stops at some of your regular pitstops… Perkins, McDonalds and Burger King and we indulged in french fries w bbq sauce, sweet tea and mcflurries…..

Here we go

We didn’t get the straw hat memo when we stopped at Burger King.

Finally we got to Ohio… We were going there for my nephew Josh’s graduation… He graduated high school. I have three nephews through my brother Anthony + sister in law, Kathie… Josh, Zachary and Jordan.

We knew we found the right house… a baseball was right there when we parked… My brother is a couch and my nephews love sports… I grew up in a boys club with two brothers, Anthony + Michael and my father … It was a baseball loving family and still is in a way… Put these three in a ball field watching games and they are content for life.

Bowling Green, Ohio is definitely the suburbs… the country… you see a ton of corn fields… but it is beautiful in its own right and the town is focused on families and sports…. The High School gave these to the graduates…

Meet Jordan if we are in their house he is usually on x box like a lot of 12 year olds… If he is out of the house he is on the field playing baseball….

On my nephew, Josh’s wall… Its true… His room is filled with certificates, Linkin Park posters and Vans

Here we go the graduate Joshua Arthur Joseph DeSola

I stole Josh’s lettermans jacket… So awesome ..

Yay DeSola!!!

Here is Zachary… He knows sports teams and sport stats like no one I know. So impressive… He is one cool dude!

Yep Josh got his drivers license and I hear this is evidence of his driving skills… Ha … A broken mailbox

Josh took us to lunch at a place which I wish would become a franchise and open right near my office or apartment… Dave’s Cosmic Subs.. It is well decorated, colorful, affordable, great food ***, lengthy menu with lots of choices, amazing details, great pickles and great music.

Daves cosmic subs sell MELLO YELLO

We have to go to the “mall” to get my nephew his graduation outfit… We go this awesome outdoor, individual shop mall… called Timber Falls it is awesome !!

We go to JC Pennys and I find an awesome Charlotte Ronson I love Ronson skirt… So many cool pieces

Remember this saying…

I remember when my nephew, Josh, was born I was coming home from Italy and I was so happy. I remember when he was super little and he is now 18 and he graduated from high school with honors and already took several college courses. Sitting at graduation I realized how much smarter students are these days in a way… maybe it is the internet but they are wiser and smarter. The speeches were thought provoking. Here I have a 18 year old giving me “thoughts to reflect on”.  One student said we are the authors of our own story and this is true. So here are some photos of my nephew’s graduation.

Timber Falls had an amazing Forever 21… So neat and organized and spacious and bright… I wish this was on my corner.. I love Forever 21 … I mix it with designer items sometimes and I try to find items that look “vintage”

Then we took Josh to HOT TOPIC… I always learn something in this store.

After graduation we stopped for some wine… At Kroeger a grocery store – they had an amazing wine collection!

Then it was baseball time…. It was a beautiful day outside… and we watched my nephew pitch, get up at bat and catch foul balls flying into the air… He is good.. Here are some photos of him in action.. He is 12 years old and personally I think he is the relative that looks most like me!  Meet the future pro-baseball player, Jordan DeSola. My brother is a coach.

Go Bowling Green!

We went to a stirfry place for dinner.. I thought this tee does speak the truth.. Life is a stirfry… You could put a bunch of things together in a bowl, add some sauce, add some spice, add some secret ingredients but you never know how it is really going to turn out… Some parts of your stir fry work perfectly and some need some work… But we just have to keep trying…

Stir-frying it…

My sister in law, Kathie’s mother, went to Ohio with Kathie’s father… It was a nice family turnout for my nephews…. She is extremely well traveled and she has a good eye and she showed me this trick for your chopsticks… Take your wrapper fan it and make a stand…

Oh Jordan!  I think he looks like me a lot.. Sounds like me too sometimes…  He learned to ski in a weekend by the 3rd day he went on double black diamonds.. Next up he wants to go skydiving…

Oh brothers…

To conclude the trip after dinner we had to hit up a LIDS for my nephews.  They sell NEW ERA caps…. All black wall.. So cool

Yeah CD!

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