Upfronts + Music + Caravan on the Real Housewives of New Jersey….and the Journey

On a plane, sitting next to a couple who can’t keep their hands off each other … Radoid!! I am a fan of LOVE and ROMANCE. A buddy of once said that you know you love someone when you can’t keep your hands off them and you always want to be around them…. I think that sounds like a plan. Anyway have an interesting play mix of Justin Beiber ( who THINK just did an event with for Wango Tango) and Ben Lee and Passion Pit….

Justin Beiber at Wango Tango…

Oh and DJ Manero was there sporting some Brooklyn tees….

So then all week long I had Upfronts… Check out the stories we wrote ….

We met some amazing talented people and I saw some of my favorite actresses… Katrina Bowden + Bree Williamson and I met Olivia Munn, who is by far one of the coolest girls out there…. Rad to the 100th power. Everyone we met was super and I can’t wait to see all these new shows.

Here are some pics from the event + I plan to post more…..

Adrianne Palicki

Alex McCord


Jesse Metcalfe

Katrina Bowden

Nigel Barker

Heather Morris

The Cast of Outsourced

Alexandra Breckenridge

Christine Woods

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Liza Lapira

Martha Plimpton

Shannon Woodward

Bree Williamson

Boris Kodjoe

Amy Landecker

Gina Bellman

Patrick Heusinger

Wynter Gordon

Kristoffer Polaha

Robert Buckley

Logan Huffman

Julissa Bermudez

Marnie Schulenberg

Anyway I am on journey to Hawaii…. I call it a “journey” because that is what it in a way! Everything is a life experience. Definitely read the Alchemist if you haven’t it talks in a way of our journey… Sometimes the treasure isn’t concrete.

Oh when I was getting on the plane I saw this little girl…poor puppy painted pink.

Speaking of journeys… I was on The Real Housewives of New Jersey because Gia was in the Caravan fashion show. It is amazing how many people watch this show on Bravo. Right on! I like those ladies and Gia was a hoot. But it wasn’t the fact I was on the show that was cool to me because I always feel like a dork on tv it was 1. The fact I heard from so many people – like the show reminded people I am here and I reconnected with some buddies which I loved!!!! 2. The dresses I created were featured on the show which to me – it awesome! I designed several dresses under Caravan and they featured them including the dress I made for Gia + the feather dresses… I was so happy!

Here are some photos from the show:

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