PROM 2010

Last week we had our prom party with and… It was a lot of fun… It was almost even more fun because I got to dj and it was definitely interesting because the dj before me really got everyone dancing I had to keep that going… Mike didn’t like some of my choices like Justin Beiber but it all worked out…. And people danced… There were dance circles and dance offs … It was radoid!!!

I didn’t get to dance till the end of the night but it was fun.

Here I am at the prom in my Carmen Marc Valvo dress… I loved it… I love dressing up!!!! Also …. one with me and my buddy Jerritt and the other of me being interviewed about my music choices that night – woohoo !!

HILLARY — I loved her Halston dress

ME & MIKE – he needed to teach me how to dj internal because the turntables were not working right … boo … so funny I was stressing

The crowd…

So in the photos below you will see some super awesome people ….



The team



J Brazil – I love this dude – he is hysterical – check him out on youtube

Here is a photo of Devorah Rose & Jared Eng… both hosts of PROM 2010 — I thank them for doing that… Devorah had the most amazing dress on by Leila Shams….

Leila Shams has talent – I love her website and I hope I get to work with this talented designer at some point

Katie Gallagher – another amazing designer – I adore her !! And she won the superlative Most Likely to Succeed and she definitely will… actually I think she has… she is awesome – I am working with her on a few projects right now and I am so lucky to have the opportunity !!

Then Leo Velasquez and the most amazing Callie Thorne…. Leo is a super duper stylist – just look at him – I think he definitely was best dressed on the guys side that night – no one looked as dapper as him… and Callie is so talented and looked beautiful

Ngo Okafor and Kimbra Hanson – I met them recently at another event… two wonderful people … they were nominated CUTEST COUPLE for that superlative

Jon Gabel… this is one of my favorite clients … we both are super strong minded but we both get stuff done…. he made this prom come to be and it was a great event and a lot of great people were talking about it

Orfeh – this is the most amazing pic ever !! She is just rad !

My buddy Paul Iacono – I constantly rave about this guy – because he is going to be one of the most influential actors of our time… he is smart, nice, witty, savvy and I adore him !

Rebecca Minkoff – when we talk about American designers today and who has an incredible collection and just great insight into what the customer wants… its her – she is awesome + talented + I am so happy when I get to work with her !

Tina Parol – an amazing singer — she is just super cute and talented


MANERO & MAGGIE = awesomeness… I love these two

MICAH JESSE – is one of the funniest, coolest, smartest, well dressed dudes I know – thank you for hosting MICAH you rule !!

Antwan – dance a maniac – the best dancer and the life of the party for sure – So awesome he is always smiling

Josh & Paul… when these buddies hang out together you got a true meeting of the minds… I got lucky to hang out with both of them in Europe and we had a blast…. lots of fun memories from cool dinners to getting the opportunity to visit the American Embassy in Belgium to helping some girl fix her bicycle in the middle of the night…. I put both of these guys down as 2 of my favorite dudes ever ….

Anyway so there you go with some PROM 2010 pics…

Next week we have UPFRONTS – we will be doing a lot of coverage from that plus I am going to Hawaii… can’t wait to go surfing !!

And I just want to do a shout out to my friend Danny Roberts !!! He has the most amazing website – igor+andre.  He is super talented and he came in for PROM.  It was great seeing him.  I wish I got to chat with him more because he is an amazing person with so much talent…. I am so distracted when I am working.  I love doing events but it is a bummer when I don’t get to enjoy all the amazing people that come.

 He created this Morrissey painting for one of my friends and I love it.  It has so much emotion in it and I think it is brillant.

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